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Barry’s Prison Run, created on February 22, 2022, with over 69 million visits, challenges players with a first-person obby to escape their cell while avoiding Barry. For a first-time player, the puzzles in-game can be surprising.

This guide will share how to beat Barry’s Prison Run quickly and navigate the obby like a pro.

What is Barry’s Prison Run?

Barry’s Prison Run starts with the player locked in the ‘Most Evil Prisoners Cell,’ where they must escape their cell and Barry, their prison guard, through a series of obby’s through the prison facility lined with lasers and landmines.

Beginning Obstacles

Here is how to beat the beginning obstacles:

  1. In the cell you spawn in, hop onto the toilet, then the pipe on the wall, and enter the vent.
  2. Tap on the vents to open them, and go through to the next room that starts the obby. While jumping from platform to platform, avoid the red lasers and red landmines, as these will damage your character.
  3. Jump along the top of the vent shaft, avoiding landmines, until you reach a platform with a red button. Press the button to activate the grates over the spike pit.
  4. The grates are timed, so it is better to time your jumps to avoid dropping into the spike pit.
  5. When you reach the vent with a moving laser, come in from the side to avoid the laser, and move into the next room.

Escaping the Prison Cell

Follow these steps to escape the prison cells:

  1. After dropping down from the vents, you will find yourself in the same place as your cell, except on the same side as Barry! You will see a red button on the side of the wall – hit that, and head up the stairs. Move fast so Barry misses you.
  2. While following the pipe, avoid the red bars moving along the platform.
  3. Enter a vent and drop down into a washroom. Open the second-closest washroom stall and drop down into the hole.

Complete the Lava Zone

Here’s how to beat the Lava Zone:

  1. When you first enter the lava zone, jump across the platforms across the pool of lava until you reach the bridge. When crossing the bridge, keep in mind that the boards with a crack will break, and lava will shoot up from below, so timing is needed to pass.
  2. The next area has moving spikes. Place your jumps so you land on the platform’s edge to avoid the spikes.
  3. When you reach the area with the rolling boulder, hide in the hole in the wall to avoid being squashed while moving forward.
  4. The next room has a new Barry, which you will need to avoid while making your way to the staircase. There will be boulders rolling down the stairs, which can be avoided by standing on the more extended stair platforms.

Complete the Storage Room Area

Follow these steps to beat the storage room area:

  1. Press the lever and take the elevator up to the next area, where you will find a vending machine. Press the button and drink what it gives you.
  2. The next obby is best completed in first-person, as it involves a lot of careful jumping to avoid lasers. Then take the ladder up and enter the Storage Room. Take the ladder, place it near the wall that says ‘Find a Ladder!’, and open the vent in the ceiling.
  3. The next obby involves a fan blowing wind and moving lasers. Again, timing your jumps to account for wind speeds will help you complete this part.
  4. Follow the pipes up to the next area, where all the valves (the red wheels) need to be closed before the next area will open. There are three valves in total.
  5. Follow the next vent into a wind tunnel, where, when you pass over a yellow tile, jump once so you do not fall. Then, avoid the lasers and jump into the next vent.

Complete the Kitchen Area

Here’s how to beat the kitchen area:

  1. You will find another Barry (Garry) in the kitchen. To easily avoid him, jump on the tables while making your way to the Food Bazooka in the back of the room. When you get the bazooka, keep hitting Garry until his HP is 0.
  2. Move into the next area, where after passing through a door that reads ‘Exit’, you will have to navigate another laser obby while being propelled up by a wind fan. This obby is also made easier if you are in first person.
  3. In the next area, grab the planks from the second floor and place them across the gaps.

Complete the Final Boss: Barry’s Mech Robot

Follow these steps to defeat Berry’s Mech Robot:

  1. Once you see the final boss, sit in one of the corners with your bazooka and begin shooting out the robot’s machine gun arms. Once they reach 0, they will explode. The robot will also have a more challenging time damaging you if you sit in the corner.
  2. Take out the second machine gun arm while damaging the robot. When their health reaches 0, the robot will explode. 
  3. Take the SWAT car in the opened garage door and drive out of prison.
  4. You will see some arrows on the ground to the left. Exit the SWAT car and follow them. They will lead to the top of a platform with all the end-game items, and you will have beaten the game!

Wrapping Up

Barry’s Prison Run is a challenging, fun obby that the community enjoys greatly. However, if you find yourself stuck on the obstacles, it may take some practice to memorize the correct pattern of movements to make it through to the next area.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on how to beat Barry’s Prison Run, please leave a comment below.

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