Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft Meta to be Nerfed in Next Update

battlefield 2042 hovercraft meta

Battlefield 2042 just dropped yesterday, November 19th, 2021 to millions of eager players around the world. As with every new release there are always prone to be bugs, glitches & everything in-between. If you’re reading this article you’re probably already well aware of the hovercraft. If not we’ll cover it all in the short article below.

Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft Meta

Leave it to crafty players to figure out the most op items & strategies on day one of a brand new game. This time around Battlefield 2042 is facing backlash from angry players who believe the hovercraft is too powerful.

From its super high mobility to the strength of its armor, the complaints are far & wide when it comes to facing off against players in the “op” vehicle.

Soon after launch videos began to surface on YouTube & Twitter of players vertically scaling massive skyscrapers using nothing but the hovercraft & craft maneuvering.

Imagine how surprised you would be when you’re sniping from the highest building on the map & a hovercraft comes screaming over the edge wreaking havoc on your position.

It’s also been noted that its armor is way too strong & it functions too closely to a tank. Check out the clip below of a player running through an entire team picking up kills just by running the enemies over.

How to Scale Buildings With the Hovercraft

All you need to do to scale a building is hit it at an angle that allows the bottom to make contact with the flat surface of the structure. From there just drive as usual until you reach the top. Check out the example clip below.

If that wasn’t enough for you, it also appears that you can basically fly the craft when it’s launched off of a building. As long as it’s high enough in the air you can glide the craft from building to building. Definitely not how they work in real life.

Hovercraft Nerf Coming Soon

Players & hovercraft victims rejoice, the devs announced that they would be addressing the problems with this op vehicle in the next update.

Overall the nerf includes re-equipping it with lighter armor which will lower its total health. The official Battlefield Communications Twitter posted these updates yesterday on Twitter.

Its weapons will also receive a nerf which will in turn allow it to do less damage. However this doesn’t address the fact that you can literally climb buildings with it & fly it around in the sky like a helicopter. I guess we’ll have to see if this is enough of a pain to nerf as well.

Wrapping Up

Did you get a chance to abuse the hovercraft meta before it gets patched? Do you think they should still be able to clime buildings even after nerf?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns or have something to say!

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