BedWars Roblox Beginners Strategy Guide

bedwars guide for beginners

Roblox BedWars, like its Minecraft counterpart, is a team and strategy-based game where players battle each other, trying to destroy their opponents’ beds to prevent them from respawning. The team needs to defeat all the opponents to win the game.

Types of Kits

Kits in BedWars are sort of like your stereotypical classes like you find in other online multiplayer games; however, kits in Roblox BedWars are randomized every week.

Unless you’re willing to fork over some Robux to try out a particular class, you should take advantage of the randomized class system. Kits are not necessary to enjoy BedWars, so feel free to use a kit-less build!

Collect Your Resources!

Take advantage of the generators in your base, you must protect your bed by any means necessary, so when you go to the item shop in your base, you can build blocks that can protect your bed!

A tip that can help you spend less time in the item shop is right-clicking on each item in the shop to instantly buy that specific item without having to go through extra steps.

Protect Your Bed!

You must protect your bed in BedWars; for example, an enemy kills you or you fall off the map, you respawn thanks to your bed, but if you let an enemy destroy your bed, you are toast!

Most people usually cover their bed with less durable items like wool, but it is better for your gameplay experience in the long run if you use more robust materials such as stone or wood.

Some materials seem like they have less durability, but don’t be mistaken, Blast Proof Ceramic got its name for a reason. While Blast Proof Ceramic can be broken with just a few hits, it’s incredibly resistant to explosion damage from TNT.

Invest some resources toward Tesla Coils; they are used to keep enemies away from your bed and can cause them a great deal of damage at the same time.

Protect Yourself!

In Roblox BedWars, you can buy armor sets from the item shop. When it comes to armor, there are different types of armor; there is leather armor, the weakest of all armor types, then there’s iron armor, which gives you more protection since it requires fewer resources than the following armor sets, the iron armor is a must-have when playing.

The diamond and emerald armor sets are the most robust armor sets in the game, but they require a lot of resources to attain, making it redundant to own this specific set of armor if you are starting out playing BedWars.

Attack Your Enemies!

In BedWars, you are tasked with breaking your opponents’ bed; that is the game’s main point, so once you equip an item such as a pickaxe, etc., it’s go-time for you!

You have to keep in mind that some materials are less resistant to certain weapons than others; for example, if you come into contact with wood, you should use an ax instead of a pickaxe.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know in order to jump into BedWars as a new player! Don’t be intimidated by better players, all you have to do is practice these strategies & never give up!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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