Nextbot games have been in the gaming community since the Gmod Steam Workshop addon Sanic Hegehog was created in 2013.

Since then, this game mode has repeatedly died and risen to popularity thanks to YouTube content creators, Twitch streamers, and Roblox.

The mechanics of this game mode has never changed, but there is always one thing that keeps it fresh: Maps.

In this article, we look at some maps Nextbot games should be played on for the best experience.

Even in Roblox, most maps were created using the Source Engine and for Gmod. With this in mind, here are the best Gmod Nextbot Maps to play.

Best Gmod Nextbot Maps to Play on Garry’s Mod

The best maps give you enough space to run around but also close in on you to provide the feeling of entrapment and helplessness.

Easy to play in but hard enough to give you a challenge.

Exciting features and easter eggs are a plus, so keep them in mind as we go along the list.

Gm_liminal_hotel by Alfarex

gm liminal hotel by alfarex Garry's Mod map

This map is based on the Holiday Inn Express London Heathrow T4 in Hounslow, London.

Like the real-life hotel, it shows white walls with evenly spaced rectangular windows.

An eerie feeling drops down on the player in the open area surrounded by these walls and windows as if being watched by its non-existing residents.

Going inside, it has tight hallways lit by pale yellow lights. Some rooms are accessible, and some are not.

In a small space near the courtyard is a record player that plays a piece of echoey scratchy jazz music that lends a hand to its already creepy environment.

You can watch YouTuber The Librarian’s map exploration in his video here.

SCP Site 19 by Kammorne

scp site 19 by kammorne Garry's Mod map

This map is a recreation of SCP: Secret Laboratory’s and SCP: Containment Breach’s areas.

It almost has all the features of the map in the original games, giving players tight and narrow but long enough hallways to run away from Nextbots.

There are already custom roleplay events and games that have been done on this map through Roblox and Gmod.

This helps prove that players enjoy this addon and create a foundation that Nextbots might be the next game mode fit for the map.

The Backrooms by egglord

the backrooms by egglord Garry's Mod map

This map is based on The Backrooms (Found Footage) by Kane Pixels which gave off a creepy and fitting backstory to the Nextbots if made a map.

Memes have also spawned where random pop culture characters like the Gigachad, Peter Griffin, or Minecraft Steve are seen “chasing” the viewer.

Parts of the area are spacious, but some are narrow enough to give players a scare when chased by Nextbots.

The map is also eerily colored and lit, with ominous red or yellow lights.

gm_bigmaze by Insane Alternative

gm bigmaze by insane alternative Garry's Mod map

A reasonably detailed map, a maze that confuses and tricks players into trapping themselves into dead ends or going around back to the start.

Brick walls enclose the halls and the overarching area. Some other interesting spots are described to be present by its creators, such as a pool and tower.

This narrow map is a fun and exciting place to play in, with Nextbots chasing right behind you; you and the Nextbots will undoubtedly be running around in circles on this map.

Grottopolis by OnTheMatter

grottopolis by onthematter Garry's Mod map

A big map with uniquely patterned pathways and pits of nothingness. This area seems to be made for some fun PvP in mind, allowing you to see across the significant pitfall for some long-range shooting or just friendly spotting.

What you see first is all that there is with this map, but the simplicity creates interestingly complex concepts and ideas of fun for Nextbots players to think about.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you enjoy this group of the best/most fun Nextbot maps to play on Gmod/Garry’s Mod! They all have intricacies that will make gameplay fun for all players.

Which of these maps will you jump into first?