Luminous Growth is a valuable material used to craft some of the best light sources in Enshrouded. However, you may have difficulty locating large amounts of it to build anything worthwhile.

In this guide, I’ll show you some of the best locations to find Luminous Growth so you can craft more of those medieval Tron-esque light blocks to pimp out your base.

Best Places to Find Luminous Growth in Enshrouded

The easiest way to get on some Luminous Growth is during the Hunter’s Hand Spindle quest, which leads you into a massive underground cave. If you don’t feel like going on the hunt, this is a guaranteed way to find some while working on the quest.

As you make your way through this cave, you will end up at an Abandoned Hunter Camp where you will have access to tons of growth on the cave walls. Make sure you use a pickaxe to gather these for maximum efficiency.

If you’ve already cleared this area, check out some of the alternate locations below.

South of Revelwood Fast-Travel Spire

luminous growth revelwood enshrouded

Another location to pick up some Luminous Growth is a cave just south of the Revelwood fast-travel spire. As you enter the cave, you should be able to find some growing around the entrance. You can also find more if you trek deeper into the cave.

Bottom-Right of the Map in the Kindlewastes

luminous growth kindlewastes enshrouded

If you are in for a journey, you can gather a good amount of Luminous Growth from a cave in the very far bottom right of the map in the Kindlewastes. Be careful of the red Shroud areas when trekking through this part of the map.

Jumping from the Kindlewastes fast-travel spire north of this cave may speed up your travel time, depending on your type of glider. If you don’t have a good glider, this journey may be more challenging on foot.

These are not the only locations to locate this resource. There are various other caves scattered around Embervale where you can mine it, but these are the few we have found to get you started.

Things You Can Craft with Luminous Growth

You can craft many useful light sources with this material, but the Luminescent Block is definitely the coolest.

  • Chandeliers (x4 growth)
  • Lanterns (x2 growth)
  • Wall Lanterns (x2 growth)
  • Luminescent Blocks (x5 growth)