Best Roblox Song ID Codes (July 2021)

best roblox song id codes

Roblox is known for its song ID system that allows users to play basically any song they want in their Roblox games & servers. These are the best & most popular song IDs that you need!

Best Roblox Song ID Codes (July 2021)

This is a short list of some of the best song Roblox song ID codes in 2021 that are currently available for use in your Roblox games & servers.

These codes have been tested & should be up to date. We update this article monthly with all new song IDs!

SongRoblox Song ID
Russian Hard Bass (Bass Boosted)4556885032
Fishy on Me4761961359
Dream Speedrun Music6029210056
Zavodila FNF6571494235
The Only Thing They Fear Is You4938019127
Erika (Minecraft)3145391662
Expurgation FNF6900844331
My Ordinary Life1199443456
Chug Jug With You6429721293
Kaikai Kitan5776344796
Jojo Theme (Giorno’s Theme)3749844870
Among Us Theme Trap Remix6065418936
Good 4 You6833920398
Ball If I Want To7026036088

These are the most popular codes that players are looking for in Roblox right now. We hope you find some that you like!

Please check back frequently for updated codes. We add new codes to the list every month.

Wrapping Up

We hope you were able to find some songs that you liked. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or song id code requests!

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