Do you hate having to always log in to Blox Fruits to check the stock at the Blox Fruits Dealer every few hours? Our sister website,, has a live Blox Fruits stock tool & countdown for you to level up your gaming!

This guide will show you every Blox Fruits tool that GameTools offers to improve your Roblox gaming experience! We also develop a super helpful Blox Fruits stock Discord bot that you can use on your server!

Blox Fruits Stock Right Now Powered By

The live Blox Fruits stock & countdown page is the first tool we've developed on for Blox Fruits.

On this page, you can always check to see the most up-to-date stock of the regular fruit dealer.

If you aren't sure when the next batch of stock comes, we provide a helpful countdown that shows you the correct restock time, no matter your time zone. The shop constantly updates every 4 hours.

Blox Fruits Stock Discord Bot

blox fruits stock discord bot If you prefer an alternate way to check the stock quickly & you like to use Discord for Blox Fruits servers, you can use our Discord bot to view the stock & time until the next one on the fly.

To use our Blox Fruits Stock bot, you will need an existing Discord account & a server that you own or control.

Add the bot to your server using this link - Blox Fruits Stock Discord Bot.

The only permissions the bot requires are to read messages, send messages & use emojis.

Once the bot joins the server, you must type /stock in a channel where commands are allowed to check the current stock!

Wrapping Up

We've covered everything you need to know with our new Blox Fruits stock tools!

Make sure you give them a try & send us any feedback you may have to improve them.

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