Blox.Surf Free Robux Generator: Is it Legit? roblox robux scam

Blox.Surf is an unofficial website claiming to offer users free Robux. Since it is unofficial we highly recommend that you do not give your personal information to this website or similar websites that offer the same or similar services.

In this article we will explain what Blox.Surf and other similar sites are, how they work, and whether or not they are legit as well as offer alternative official ways to get Robux.

What is Blox.Surf?

Blox.Surf is a fake Robux generator for Roblox similar to Blox.Green and Blox.Supply.

Players have recently received in-game messages with links asking them to visit Blox.Surf and receive free Robux. roblox robux scam

However, when a user visits the Blox.Surf URL link they will be redirected to Blox.Land.

This site then offers free Robux by installing mobile games and completing surveys.

Be cautious and protect yourself and your information because these are scams.

Do not give away any information to these surveys.

Is it Legit?

Blox.Surf is just like any other free Robux generator sites. That means it is not an official way to get Robux.

These websites are designed to trick users into giving away personal information or information about their device. Use these sites at your own risk. scam
This is a fake / scam website

For more information here is the official Roblox Support page discussing Robux generators like Blox.Surf.

How Can I get Robux?

Robux are only officially offered by the Roblox Company. There are a variety of ways to obtain Robux. The most common way is to purchase them for real money.

Other methods of earning Robux are by having an account with a premium membership. Premium memberships receive a stipend monthly.

There are three tiers of membership; one offers 450 Robux a month, another gives 1,000 Robux a month, and the final tier gives a stipend of 2,200 Robux a month.

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For more information on other ways to get Robux here is the official Roblox support page discussing ways to get Robux.

Wrapping Up

Stay safe & make sure you don’t fall for any online scams that offer free Robux. There is no such thing as free Robux!

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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