While Exploring Embervale, you’ll come across dwellings scattered about the world, just waiting for someone to settle down and turn that house into a home. Many are in disrepair, but fortunately, Enshrouded allows you to claim & take over almost any existing structure on the map and restore it to its former glory.

For various reasons, Blue Goblet Tavern is regarded as one of the best structures to take over in the game. I’ll show you how to start your new home renovation project in this guide.

Where to Find Blue Goblet Tavern

The Tavern is located northwest of the Revelwood fast travel spire, tucked away in the woods against the mountainside. You’ll know you’re nearby once you see a path with a slight incline up to a plateau.

At the top is a huge stone building covered in vines; you can’t miss it. This is one of the most admirable pre-existing structures in the game and barely has any damage to it, making it an easy renovation project.

User killArkane on Reddit shared this helpful map screenshot to find the cozy dwelling quickly.

blue goblet tavern map location in enshrouded

Aside from its protection, the Tavern also has a well on site that can be used to collect water. Upon entering, you will receive the Sheltered buff and a level 13 to 17 Comfort buff, depending on where you stand inside.

You can also stand near the giant fireplace in the common area to receive a warmth buff.

Exploring the property will reveal some hidden chests to loot, and you can plop an Altar down in the basement to claim it as your own and keep it out of sight.

If the existing damage on the building bothers you, knock out the broken sections and replace them with the same or similar material to patch up the holes.

You can reach this area relatively quickly as all you need is Altar level two and access to the fast travel spire. It’s a great location to settle down without the pain of ultimately building and setting up your base from scratch.