Bot Clash Value List – Mythical & Legendary Bot Values

bot clash value list roblox

Bot Clash is the latest click-and-grind simulator to take Roblox by storm. As with most grind simulator games there is a healthy & growing Discord community dedicated to trading bots, gamepasses & more.

We’ve worked with to bring you the best & most accurate Bot Clash value list & database tools to increase your trading game. Below you will find a master database of every bot & their real values based on hatch cost * hatch rate.

Bot Clash Value List – Mythical & Legendary Bot Values

bot clash value list roblox

Every bot in Bot Clash has a value but most bots don’t have a lot of demand. The most popular bots are Epic to Mythical as they do the most damage & maintain the most value.

You can use the official Bot Clash value list by or use the quick reference table below.

Bot NameRarity1 Star Value5 Star Value
A4M2 HeraMythical1T3.5T
A4M1 The PhoenixMythical270B945B
A3M1 The PrismMythical86B302B
The BunnyEvent10Bnone
A4R2 The DragonLegendary5.5B19.4B
A4R1 The FlamethrowerLegendary1.6B5.5B
A4R2 The Rocket LauncherEpic736M3.6B
A3R3 The VitalityLegendary507M1.7B
A3R2 The Pink LadyLegendary220M768M
A4R1 The Angry DeerEpic205M1B
A3R1 The LawmakerLegendary97M339M
A4R2 Loyal BeagleRare73.7M369M
A3R3 The AnnihilatorEpic66M327M
A2R3 The MoonbitLegendary32M113M
A3R2 The GladiatorEpic28.4M142M
A4R1 War MachineRare20.6M103M
A4R2 Jumpy ChickenUncommon19.7M98.6M
A2R2 The BlasterLegendary12.6M44.4M
A3R1 The PurpleEpic12.5M62.6M
A4R2 Red WolfCommon8.9M44.5M
A3R3 Tiger MKIIRare6.6M33M
A4R1 Dual HammerUncommon5.2M26.4M
A2R1 The AuroraLegendary4.9M17.2M
A2R3 The Elder LionEpic4.2M21M
A3R2 Guardian MKIIRare2.8M14.2M
A4R1 Plasma SquirrelCommon2.4M12M
A3R3 Woolly MammothUncommon1.7M8.4M
A2R2 The GrumpyEpic1.6M8.3M
A1R3 The GiantLegendary1.5M5.1M
A3R1 Prototype GoldRare1.1M5.6M
A3R3 Warthog MKIICommon762K3.8M
A3R2 Sky Bot BetaUncommon732K3.7M
A1R2 The TeddyLegendary470K1.6M
A2R1 The DuelistEpic464K2.3M
A3R2 Ground Bot BetaCommon330K1.6M
A3R1 Prototype BlueUncommon324K1.6M
A2R3 Battle WolfRare304K1.5M
A1R1 The BeowulfLegendary176K616K
A3R1 Mini Tank MKIICommon152K761K
A2R3 Polar BearUncommon109K546K
A1R3 The GreenEpic102K508K
A2R2 Blue FistsRare100K500K
A2R3 Ivory GullCommon56K278K
A2R2 Code WhiteUncommon43K217K
A2R1 The GuardianRare34K171K
A1R2 The Young LionEpic26K129K
A2R2 Robo EnforcerCommon24K119K
A2R1 Sky Bot AlphaUncommon17K85K
A2R1 Ground Bot AlphaCommon10K50K
A1R3 Prototype WhiteRare9K46K
A1R1 The DeerEpic8K40K
A1R3 Prototype RedUncommon5K26K
A1R3 GorillaCommon3K16K
A1R2 TigerRare3K13K
A1R2 SeagullUncommon2K8K
A1R2 WarthogCommon1K6K
A1R1 SquirrelRare9005K
A1R1 Mini TankUncommon6003K
A1R1 MonkeyCommon5002K

We will update this value list when new bots are added after every update. These prices are calculated using the cost to hatch * the hatch chance. You should use them as a guideline to decide whether or not you are making or getting a good deal.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about the Bot Clash value list to get started trading like a pro! Make sure you join the official Bot Clash Discord server to join the trading community.

Please drop a comment below if you have any other questions or concerns about official Bot Clash values.

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