Build a Boat for Treasure Noob Guide Roblox

roblox build a boat for treasure noob guide

Build a Boat for Treasure has become a viral sensation on Roblox with over two billion visits and an active community. Want to try obtaining the treasure for yourself and becoming the next big treasure hunter? 

This guide will show you how to quickly progress in Build a Boat for Treasure, giving you all the tools you need to start making your own creations!

What is Build a Boat for Treasure?

Build a Boat for Treasure allows you to make the ship of your dreams and set sail for treasure, navigating unique and exciting levels that become more and more challenging.

Build a Boat for Treasure Starter Guide

You will want to open the menu and click on the scroll, which will give you a list of quests. These quests will provide you with coins and block rewards and are incredibly useful when first starting. They should be completed in the following order:

  1. Soccer Quest.
  2. Ramp Quest.
  3. Target Quest.
  4. Find Me Quest.

How to Complete the Soccer Quest

roblox build a boat soccer quest
  1. Walk over to the giant soccer ball that has spawned into the area.
  2. Place a block underneath the soccer ball.
  3. This should cause the soccer ball to begin slowly rolling towards the goal.
  4. Once it enters the goal, you will receive your reward: 50 gold, 40 blocks, another 40 blocks, and a soccer ball.

How to Complete the Ramp Quest

  1. Climb up and begin placing ice blocks. First, make sure the ‘anchor block’ function is turned off.
  2. First, place one ice block down, then put two ice blocks on top of it, side by side in the top left and right corner of the bottom block.
  3. Next, place blocks to end up with a two by six platform pointed towards the ramp.
  4. Place a chair in the center.
  5. Delete the bottom block, so the platform falls flat against the ground. Ideally, you should be tilted slightly forward when you sit.
  6. Sitting on the chair, take the soccer ball and drop it onto the back of the blocks, which should propel you forward.
  7. Once you start sliding down the ramp, time it so you jump through the hoop at the end. This will be rewarded with wedges and brick blocks.

How to Complete the Target Quest

roblox build a boat target quest
  1. Stand close to the target and place a block.
  2. Stand on the block and glitch your camera to place blocks through you, and start stacking the blocks.
  3. You will want to place 20 ice blocks and 100 wedges, all of your wood blocks, and then at least six bricks in a horizontal line towards the target.
  4. Place a seat on the bricks, sit, and remove the bottom block. This will cause the tower to fall forward.
  5. You should fall through the target and receive a reward of more brick blocks and coins.

How to Complete the Find Me Quest

  1. Go into the shop menu and buy the hinge block.
  2. Load up the quest ‘Find Me.’
  3. Click on the block that spawns, and it will respawn above you.
  4. Place a chair, sit, and then place the hinge block (with the gold tip facing you) inside your stomach area.
  5. Delete the chair, and you will be able to fly with the ‘w,’ ‘s,’ and ‘space’ keys. 
  6. Touch the block in its new spawn, and then it will respawn on top of the left wall, then on top of your flag pole, and then on the top of the first stage area.
  7. You will receive 1000 coins, 25 butter blocks, and five buttons when it’s clicked.

When all of these quests are completed, you will have over 1000 coins, 75 bricks, and several other strong blocks in your collection to allow you to make whatever kind of boat you like.

Wrapping Up

Build a Boat for Treasure is a creative and exciting experience, and now with the right amount of coins and blocks under your belt, you’ll be able to build with the best of them and get the treasure at the end of all the stages!

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions on starting in Build a Boat for Treasure, please leave a comment below.

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