In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the popular first-person shooter series Call of Duty might not be making its way to Xbox Game Pass.

This news comes from a recent rumor, which has caused quite a stir among gaming enthusiasts.

The speculation began after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with many expecting Call of Duty titles to join the Game Pass lineup—however, a reliable source known as Timdog has hinted that this might not be the case.

According to Timdog, the current business model of Game Pass is not sustainable enough to support the inclusion of such a major series.

This development is particularly noteworthy given the massive popularity of Call of Duty. The series is known for its significant sales and micro-transaction revenues, even with less favorably reviewed titles.

The decision not to include Call of Duty in Game Pass could be a strategic move by Microsoft, considering the platform’s need for a $1 billion yearly investment to remain profitable.

The news also comes amidst reports of Microsoft’s dissatisfaction with losing money on its current business model.

The performance of Xbox Series S|X hardware has been underwhelming, and Game Pass hasn’t grown as expected. Therefore, adding Call of Duty to Game Pass might not align with Microsoft’s current strategy.

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While the future of Call of Duty on Game Pass remains uncertain, fans might still see older titles from the series on the service.

These could potentially boost Xbox’s business amidst various ongoing changes within Microsoft. As the situation evolves, only time will tell how this will impact the gaming landscape.