Can You Get Banned for Having Duped Gems & Pets in Pet Simulator X?

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Since the Bank update in Pet Simulator X the economy has been in shambles due to a massive gem duping glitch that came with it. Many players are wondering if they will get banned for having duped gems or pets. In this article we’ll let you know what’s going on with bans & exploiters.

Pet Simulator Players Banned

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely be banned from Pet Simulator X if you are found to have been using gem / pet duping glitches. There are many reports lately of both guilty & innocent players being banned from the game.

Here’s what some players who have already been banned have been saying on Discord.

pet sim x bans dupe gems

There has not been any official statement yet from the lead developer, Preston, as to what is going on with bans, dupes & the game’s economy overall.

The best way to get news & stay up to date on the situation is to be part of the many Pet Sim X Discord servers that exist out there. These are the only places where players can report bans & have discussions about what is happening.

Will You Be Banned for Having Duped Gems / Pets?

Because Pet Sim X is such a huge game, the probability of you getting banned is always low, but never impossible. If you willingly & knowingly decided to use glitches & bugs to get an unfair advantage in the game, you might be banned.

If you haven’t been banned yet & you should have been, stop doing glitches & stop trading your duped pets / gems right away. You will get caught eventually & lose everything on your account!

pet sim x bans gem dupers

Since it’s very hard to fix duped pets & decide which ones are actually duped, there have been rumors that Preston is just decided to wipe people’s gems who he believes have too many.

This isn’t fair because there are many dedicated players who have a lot of gems but have never participated in or benefitted from a dupe or glitch.

Overall the game has a lot of work to be done to get things working again properly. Stay safe & don’t use any glitches to dupe pets or gems or you will get banned!

Wrapping Up

That’s all of the news we know so far about players being banned for duping resources in Pet Simulator X. Are you currently worried about getting banned? Let us know why in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Get Banned for Having Duped Gems & Pets in Pet Simulator X?”

  1. Hello I’ve been scared I would get banned for having duped gems, I’ve been trading a lot I pet sim x and I’ve noticed the price of things went up a lot and I’ve traded my pets for gem, my main question is will I get banned for having duped gems in my inventory

  2. some di g today, i am a cross trader and i assume i receiveduped pets or gems, this is totally unfair as i have done nothing wrong, if anyone knows how to appeal this my roblox is gottaSaveMyself and tiktok is robloxeditezz_ please message meot banned

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