If you’ve been playing Blade Ball for a while, you’ve probably collected a lot of sword skins that you don’t ever plan to use or don’t want.

In most Roblox games, you can trade or sell your items to get rid of them, earn coins, etc. So, is this possible in Blade Ball?

Can you sell or trade sword skins in Blade Ball?

Unfortunately, you can’t currently sell your sword skins for coins or trade them to players for other sword skins in Blade Ball.

This decision was explained in the Discord by one of the lead devs during the early release days of the game.

He stated that adding trading in Roblox games usually led to their failure because managing an economy is very hard & stopping exploiters is even more challenging.

So, while this may seem like the game could benefit from trading, it will most likely never be added.

I love in-game economies, and I think trading would bring & keep more players to the game, but that’s just me.

As for selling your sword skins for coins, the devs haven’t discussed this, but I think it wouldn’t make sense to add.

You already get some coins back when you roll a skin or ability that you own, so you never end up with duplicates in your inventory.