As a gamer, it can be frustrating when companies don’t listen to what their fans want. We must wait and hope revenue speaks loud enough to keep our favorite franchises alive. When it comes to old or forgotten franchises, it’s unlikely to see it again.

Games are expensive to develop, and the market is tight. Many developers would rather churn out something relevant, popular, or if we’re fortunate, something they’re passionate about. Fans still make their voices heard, but companies rarely go out of their way to ask us for them.

Capcom’s “elections” aren’t new. They’ve been hosting them for several months, but they’ve always been quick one-question deals. Which is better: The Hadoken or the Shoryuken? Dog person or cat person?

Enter the Capcom Super Elections. Capcom Town is asking for input on what games you want and who you want in those games. What’s most interesting about this is their selection of games.

The classics like Street Fighter, Megaman, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter are there. They’ve also listed more niche popular titles, like Darkstalkers and Okami. Then there are the deep cuts. Have you been dying for a 1942 remake? How about Sengoku Basara? Dino Crisis?

They’re giving you a chance to demand these dead titles come back, and while nobody expects 1942 to get a remake, it’s interesting that they’d even include it. Especially when every franchise they’ve made isn’t on the list. Viewtiful Joe was nowhere in sight.

The election started today, and over ten thousand people have already made their voices heard. If you have an opinion, you should vote now while it’s up.