Minecraft Cake Ideas – June 2021

Minecraft is as popular as ever & millions of fans worldwide enjoy the innovative building & adventure game on a daily basis.

Here are the top 5 coolest Minecraft cake ideas that you can take inspiration from this summer.

Among Us Nugget Sells for Over $14,000 on eBay

You read that correctly. An Among Us shaped chicken nugget from the new McDonalds BTS meal is going for a fortune on eBay.

The debacle began when McDonalds dropped it’s new promotional combo meal for the popular K-Pop band BTS last week.

MCC Island Beta: How to Sign up & Play

MCC Championship 14 has just concluded on this day Saturday May 29th, 2021 with the Aqua Axolotls reigning as the champions.

After the games ended Noxcrew dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming project MCC Island. Here is everything we know so far & how to sign up for beta access.

10 Funniest Resident Evil Village Memes May 2021

Resident Evil Village has made a huge splash this week with game enthusiasts & meme connoisseurs working overtime.

New jokes about the giant vampire lady & old classics about our man Ethan have began to surface on the web this week. Here are the best memes we’ve sourced this week.

Who Is Free Fire Richest Noob?

Are you a fan of the huge mobile game Garena Free Fire & wondering who the richest noob in the entire game is?

Look no further, in this article, we’ll tell you exactly who the richest noob in Free Fire is!

Zuckles Banned From OTV Rust Servers for Sweating

Popular Twitch streamer Zuckles who was playing on the new OTV Rust servers has been banned this week.

The ban comes as a surprise to viewers as the OTV Rust servers only launched a week ago.

10 Awesome Gaming Inspired Birthday Cakes for 2021

Gaming continues to be a growing industry and is becoming more and more mainstream.

Many fans have used their love of games as an opportunity to create some creative cakes based on some of their favorite games.

Minecraft Axolotls Guide: Snapshot 20w51a Update

As of snapshot 20w51a, Axolotls do not spawn naturally, but players are able to spawn them in through creative mode. Axolotls will spawn naturally in lush caves once the biome is released.

All players need to do is use the spawn egg in creative mode to have as many Axolotls as they wish.

Poke Aoki – Steve Aoki Opens Rare Pokemon Cards

If you didn’t happen to catch Steve Aoki’s live stream tonight at 8pm EST, there was a lot to miss. Steve and friends took to Twitch to open a 1999 unlimited edition Pokemon boxset.

The stream was to raise funds for Autism awareness through the Aoki Foundation. Autism Speaks & FFEAT are a few of the organizations that are being represented tonight.

Drunken Crewmates – Among Us Drinking Games

If you’re into drinking games and enjoy playing Among Us, we have a bunch of community inspired drinking games you can play with your crewmates!