minecraft channeling enchantment
How Does Channeling Work In Minecraft?

Channeling is an enchantment unique to tridents in Minecraft. A trident is a rare weapon drop from drowned mobs and cannot be crafted.

Tridents can be thrown or used in melee combat. Melee attacks do 9 damage, while ranged attacks will do 8 damage.

happymod among us hack download
Happymod Among Us Hack – Is It Safe?

These mods sound fun right? However it is not safe to download these modded files from Happymod!

The mods don’t work and will most likely give you a virus or hack into your personal information!

through the fire and flames wow quest
Through the Fire & Flames Bug – WoW Shadowlands

If you’ve made it to this point in the Shadowlands expansion, you may have run into an issue where the unfinished blade does not appear after you interact with the stone.

After some research online and within the Blizzard bug report forums, this glitch is not a glitch or a bug at all.

flying papers guide assassin's creed
Flying Papers Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

One tip we found, thanks to Youtuber Skull Busters, was activating the page and then following it with your raven and finding the endpoint and marking it on your map.

Then reactivating the page and running to the marker you set and then waiting for the page.

among us unblocked scam
Among Us Unblocked – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Trying to play Among Us on your computer at school or work? Among Us Unblocked is supposedly a website that lets you download the game for free.

Unfortunately this website is just spam or even a potential scam to steal your information.

destiny 2 sword gameplay
What does ads mean in gaming?

What exactly are ads? No, I’m not talking about the annoying gurus that try to…

Backseat gaming illustration freddy twenty
Backseat Gaming – Are You a Backseat Gamer?

We all know a backseat gamer What is backseat gaming? Well, have you ever driven…

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