lord mortgore wow shadowlands
Mortegore Scrolls: Wow Shadowlands Quest Guide

Moretgore Scrolls drop from random mobs within the Death’s End area of Revendreth. Four are required in order to summon Lord Mortegore.

Players need to collect four scrolls in total. Each Scroll will activate one of four Mortegore Sigils. Once all four sigils are activated, the Mortegore Oblisek will then Summon Lord Mortegore.

among us sheriff mod
Among Us Sheriff Mod: How to Play & Install

The Among us Sheriff mod adds another role into the main game. The job of the Sheriff is to kill the impostors before they kill the rest of the crewmates.

The catch is that the “Sheriff” will die if he shoots a crewmate instead of an impostor.

what do llamas eat in minecraft?
What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Llamas are tamed in a similar way to horses. All you need to do is repeatedly ride the llama until you see hearts displayed.

Only tamed llamas can be bred and the required food for breeding llamas are hay bales.

cyberpunk skippy 2077 smart pistol
Cyberpunk Skippy Smart Pistol: Where To Find It?

There are many unique weapons and abilities in Cyberpunk 2077, but none may be as unique as the iconic smart pistol Skippy.

What makes Skippy special is that it’s a gun that contains artificial intelligence that speaks when you hold it represented by a smiling hologram bullet.

among us twins mod
Among Us Twins Mod: How To Download & Play

Another day another mod in the world of Among Us. This week we show you…

among us minecraft map download
Among Us Minecraft Map – How To Download & Play

Unfortunately, they rarely provide details or instructions on where to find the files or how to download the custom game.

In order to play the Among Us custom game on Minecraft, you need to download the correct files for your device (PC or Mobile)

glitch pet among us rivals twitch
Glitch Pet – Free Among Us Twitch Rivals DLC

Among Us devs Innersloth have teamed up with Twitch for cool rewards during the month of December.

For a limited time only, Among Us players can earn the free Twitch Rivals DLC pet by watching the weekly Among Us rivals stream.

gift of vesiphone wow shadowlands
Gift of Vesiphone – WoW Shadowlands Guide

The Gift of Vesiphone is 1 of 15 Treasures of Bastion available in the WoW Shadowlands expansion.

The gift is located in Bastion at Purity’s Pinnacle, east of Aspirant’s Rest flight point.

proximity chat among us CrewLink mod
Among Us Proximity Chat Mod: How To Download

All players in a lobby who are running the mod can speak to each other over voice chat when they are close.

The only major difference is that crewmates & impostors can all voice chat with each other when they are in range!

observing battle shadowlands quest guide
Observing Battle – WoW Shadowlands Glitch?

Have you been having issues with the “Observing Battle” quest in the new capitol city? Many players have reported online that they are struggling to complete this quest.

Once you obtain the 1,500 honor needed, there is no completion or sign of quest progress to be seen.

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