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Pinecones: Genshin Impact Limited Event Guide

During this time period, a certain merchant in the game named Liben will be offering players unique daily quests which they can complete in order to earn unique rewards.

Risk of Rain 2 Skins: All Skins for All Characters

In order to lock each survivors alternate skin, you must sacrifice yourself to the altar on Monsoon mode. The skin you get depends on which character you beat the game on. Beat the game with each survivor to unlock their skin.

OSRS Halloween 2020: Event Guide & Rewards

RuneScape 2020 Halloween Event Guide October is finally upon us, which means that we can start enjoying all of the spooky joys of Halloween. Over the course of the month, many of our favorite games will feature specific holiday events…

Genshin Impact – How to Get Intertwined Fates

What Are Intertwined Fates? Amongst all of the items that you can come across in Genshin Impact, the most valuable one that you want to keep an eye out for are the Intertwined Fates. Intertwined fates as well as Acquaint…

Crystal Chunk Farming Guide – Genshin Impact

Where to Mine Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact In Genshin Impact, Crystal is a rare resource used to forge the Prototype weapon series — some of the most powerful 4-star weapons in the game. Crystal is also used to enhance…

Find a Place Where You Can See the Whole Witness Sigil

The Of the Land Amidst Monoliths Archon Quest in Genshin Impact tasks players with completing a set of missions across the nation of Liyue. One of these missions is a ghost hunt in the capital city of Wangshu, and it’s…