lord mortgore wow shadowlands
Mortegore Scrolls: Wow Shadowlands Quest Guide

Moretgore Scrolls drop from random mobs within the Death’s End area of Revendreth. Four are required in order to summon Lord Mortegore.

Players need to collect four scrolls in total. Each Scroll will activate one of four Mortegore Sigils. Once all four sigils are activated, the Mortegore Oblisek will then Summon Lord Mortegore.

kfc gaming console
KFC Gaming Console: Yes, It’s Very Real

To answer a question no one asked, KFC has come through and officially unveiled its KFConsole. And yes, it’s real.

KFC and Cooler Master have joined forces to throw down in the console ring with the KFConsole.

dokkan battle christmas banner 2020
Dokkan Battle Christmas Banner 2020: News & Info

The highly-anticipated, annual Christmas celebration in Dokkan Battle is ramping up with the recent data download.

Players can expect the majority of the Christmas 2020 celebration part 2 content to go live on December 25. This could change, as is always the case with these types of releases, but it will be on or around Christmas, regardless.

minecraft axolotl snapshot 20w51a update
Minecraft Axolotls Guide: Snapshot 20w51a Update

As of snapshot 20w51a, Axolotls do not spawn naturally, but players are able to spawn them in through creative mode. Axolotls will spawn naturally in lush caves once the biome is released.

All players need to do is use the spawn egg in creative mode to have as many Axolotls as they wish.

minecraft simburbia download play
Minecraft Simburbia: How to play

Simburbia is a city simulator Minecraft map mod created by Jigarbov Productions.

In Simburbia you take the role as mayor of your city and you can build whatever type of city you want.

among us nintendo switch
Among Us for Nintendo Switch: Available Now!

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch systems starting today! Nintendo dropped the surprise news this morning on December 15th, 2020.

It is currently available for sale on the Nintendo games store for $5, the same price as it is on the Steam marketplace.

Shadowlands Hunter Nerfs?: December Hotfixes

With last week’s recent Hotfixes released for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players are up in arms over a particular Hunter balancing fix.

The particular hotfix in question revolves around Marksman Hunters and their Wild Spirits Night Fae Covenant ability.

brawl stars balance changes december 2020
Brawl Stars Balance Changes: December 2020 Patch Notes

The Brawl Stars December 2020 patch notes are here, and there are a bunch of balance changes on the horizon.

Read through all of the patch notes dropped today by the developers below. From balance changes to new characters, there is a ton of information with this months update.

Gears 5 Hivebuster DLC
Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC: Launch Time & Info

The Coalition prepares to launch its first Gears 5 story expansion
This is the series’ first piece of story-related DLC since RAAM’s Shadow back in 2011.

Anticipation is ramping up for Gears 5’s latest bit of DLC, Hivebusters in preparation for its scheduled launch, tomorrow, Dec. 15, at approximately 9 am EST.

minecraft snapshot 20w50a
Minecraft Snapshot 20w50a: What To Expect?

This week did not see the release of Minecraft Snapshot 20w50a for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

Last week saw the fourth snapshot, 20w49a, be released on the Java edition which featured Sculk Sensors to spice up your redstone builds.

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