among us space rush
Among Us Space Rush – Free 2D Among Us Game

Among Us space rush is a free Among Us themed side-scroller game that you can play in your browser.

The game is fan made and was not created by Innersloth, the developers behind Among Us. mods among us Mods: Among Us Community Server mods for Among Us are hosted on the world’s first ever custom servers. It is a community supported effort by the team over at

If you’ve been active in the Among Us community lately, you have probably already watched YouTubers play some of these mods.

proximity chat among us CrewLink mod
Among Us Proximity Chat Mod: How To Download

All players in a lobby who are running the mod can speak to each other over voice chat when they are close.

The only major difference is that crewmates & impostors can all voice chat with each other when they are in range!

rust on xbox one release date
Rust Delayed On Xbox & Playstation Until 2021

There has been no word or update from Xbox since they released the Rust console trailer over 11 months ago.

We can most probably assume that due to the Pandemic and the chaos that it has caused this year, that Rust will most likely not be released on consoles by the end of the year.

black ops cold war flak jacket op
Flak Jacket OP? – Cold War Nerf Incoming

The explosives in Cold War are some of the most useful in Call of Duty’s history. With a wide variety to choose from, players are experimenting with which suits them best.

Throw distance on grenades and C4’s seem limitless, while the damage on them appears fatal to anyone caught by one. Anyone not using Flak Jacket, that is.

observing battle shadowlands quest guide
Observing Battle – WoW Shadowlands Glitch?

Have you been having issues with the “Observing Battle” quest in the new capitol city? Many players have reported online that they are struggling to complete this quest.

Once you obtain the 1,500 honor needed, there is no completion or sign of quest progress to be seen.

through the fire and flames wow quest
Through the Fire & Flames Bug – WoW Shadowlands

If you’ve made it to this point in the Shadowlands expansion, you may have run into an issue where the unfinished blade does not appear after you interact with the stone.

After some research online and within the Blizzard bug report forums, this glitch is not a glitch or a bug at all.

xbox series x randomly shutting off
Xbox Series X Crashing? Try These Community Tips

Thousands of reports have poured in over the last 2 weeks of Xbox Series X consoles shutting off randomly as gamers world wide began to receive their brand new consoles.

The first wave of consoles landed November 12th and issues with random crashes and shutoffs have been prevalent since day 1.

daughters of lerion glitch
Daughters of Lerion Glitch – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Having trouble starting or going back to the “Daughters of Lerion” mystery / side quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

You’re not the only one, and the community is growing more annoyed every day.

among us new map harry stickman
Among Us Airship Map Revealed: What We Know

Innersloth, the Among Us devs blessed our timelines today on Twitter. They finally announced a new map and a potential release date of December 10th.

Read about everything we know so far below.

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