knockout city tips and tricks
Knockout City: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Knockout City is a new type of game that hasn’t been seen before. This gives players an equal playing field to compete on as no one will have a day 1 advantage.

Here are a few useful tips you can use to step up your game on launch day.

how do you get netherite in minecraft
How Do You Get Netherite In Minecraft?

One of the the many new additions is netherite, which is stronger than diamond tools. As well as being more durable than diamond armor and tools, netherite is also capable of floating on lava and cannot burn.

In order to obtain Netherite armor and tools you will need a smithing table. Unlike most armor and tools in the game you do not craft Netherite at a crafting table.

minecraft simburbia download play
Minecraft Simburbia: How to play

Simburbia is a city simulator Minecraft map mod created by Jigarbov Productions.

In Simburbia you take the role as mayor of your city and you can build whatever type of city you want.

among us nintendo switch
Among Us for Nintendo Switch: Available Now!

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch systems starting today! Nintendo dropped the surprise news this morning on December 15th, 2020.

It is currently available for sale on the Nintendo games store for $5, the same price as it is on the Steam marketplace.

steve aoki pokemon charity
Poke Aoki – Steve Aoki Opens Rare Pokemon Cards

If you didn’t happen to catch Steve Aoki’s live stream tonight at 8pm EST, there was a lot to miss. Steve and friends took to Twitch to open a 1999 unlimited edition Pokemon boxset.

The stream was to raise funds for Autism awareness through the Aoki Foundation. Autism Speaks & FFEAT are a few of the organizations that are being represented tonight.

luigi's mansion 3 all rare ghosts
All Rare Ghosts – Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide

There are a bunch of rare ghosts to capture in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The original 9 were available in the base game. More were added in DLC expansions 1 & 2.

The only way to hunt rare ghosts is to reach level 5 of the “ScareScraper” and clear it with friends.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the rare ghosts that are currently available.

Memory of Dust – Genshin Impact 1.1 Update

The latest Genshin Impact Update 1.1 is about to go live and with it, just like with every other update, a whole bunch of new content has been added to the game, as well as some quality of life changes.

Since every update requires that the game servers go down for a few hours, the developers of Genshin Impact have decided to compensate all players who are Adventure level 5 and above with 300 Primogems.

apex legends season 7 audio issues
Audio Bugs: Apex Legends Season 7 Update

Since season 7 has begun, some players have been experiencing audio issues in the game.

Some players were already experiencing audio issues in previous seasons, but it appears that with the season 7 update, these audio issues have gotten even worse.

Genshin Impact Price Increase on Gems: Players Quit

As of yesterday, the game issued price increases for the following countries: Indonesia, India, South Africa, Iceland, Russia, Columbia and Brazil.

Fans initially thought the reason for these price increases was that the prices in these countries were significantly lower than in other countries when converted to USD.

rivals of aether
Rivals of Aether Custom Characters: Top 10 Designs

Since Rivals of Aether mods became available via the Steam Workshop, community creators have been hard at work adding new custom characters into the game. Check out our list of some of the best custom characters available on the Rivals of Aether Steam Workshop along with the links to download them.

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