Risk of Rain

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Hellfire Tincture: Risk of Rain 2 Guide

The Hellfire Tincture is a powerful orange rarity item in Risk of Rain 2.

In this article we’ll breakdown everything we know & show you how to acquire this item for yourself.

Prismatic Trials: Risk of Rain 2 Guide

Looking for more information about the Prismatic Trials in Risk of Rain 2?
In this guide we’ll breakdown everything you need to know about this time single player mod.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats: Infinite Lunar Coins

Looking for ways to get more Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2 without having to grind for tens of hours?

In this guide we’ll show you exactly what you need to do in order to cheat your way into unlimited / infinite Lunar Coins.

Risk of Rain 2 Skins: All Skins for All Characters

In order to lock each survivors alternate skin, you must sacrifice yourself to the altar on Monsoon mode. The skin you get depends on which character you beat the game on. Beat the game with each survivor to unlock their skin.