Christmas Update in Adopt Me! All New Winter Pets

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Adopt Me!’s new Winter Update just came out this morning, December 1st! This update comes with a winterized world, fun new mini-games, 8 new pets and more! In this article we will be going over everything you should know.

Adopt Me! Winter Update

Adopt Me! on Roblox just came out with their newest update, the Winter Update, which will be out for 35 days, until January 5th!

adopt me! holiday update roblox

With this fun holiday update comes a completely new winter area to explore, Gingerbread to collect, 3 fun new mini-games, 8 new pets and much more!

Today we will be going over everything that you need to know about this new winter wonderland!

New Winter/Holiday Area

Just like every other year they have winterized everything and got it all ready for the holidays!

adoption island adopt me! winter update

The neighborhood and Adoption Island are both covered in snow, and decorated in fun green and red holiday decor. They’ve also frozen the lake and it’s now an area that can be skated on!

Aside from the neighborhood and Adoption Island, there is a new winter are to explore! The new area is called Winter Wonderland and is completely decked out in holiday decor!

winter wonderland adopt me! update

In this area is the where you can find two of the three mini-games, the advent calendar, the shop, and all the new pets.

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is also back for this year! Make sure you log in daily and open each door of the calendar.

advent calendar adopt me! update

If you don’t open door 1 on day 1, you will have to open it on day 2, and you won’t be able to get door 2 until day 3, and so on.

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting every single door daily, so that you can get the new pet that awaits you in door 25! If you take the ladders all the way up, you can get a sneak peek.

new pet advent calendar adopt me!

On day 1, you get a Gingerbread Face Flying Disc for your pet!

Winter Mini-Games

There are 3 new winter mini-games this year! The Pet Rescue Mini-Game, the Present Shuffle Mini-Game, and the Speedy the Penguin Race Course Mini-Game.

The Pet Rescue Mini-Game is a fun game where you’ll team up with friends, and chip away at the ice block surrounding your teams pet!

pet rescue adopt me! winter update

Whoever is the first to free their teams pet from the ice wins. You’ll collect gingerbread whether you win or not!

The second mini-game is the Present Shuffle Mini-Game. Talk to Elf-Burt to get started with this one!

present shuffle adopt me! winter update

There will be 5 presents, 3 of them have gingerbread and 2 have coal! All you have to do is keep an eye on the one’s with the coal, and then make sure to open the 3 that have gingerbread!

adopt me! winter update

There are 3 rounds and if you win all 3 rounds, you can collect up to 1,200 gingerbread!

The third and final mini-game is the Speedy the Penguin Race Course Mini-Game! Just head over to Adoption Island, and get on the lake. You’ll poof into ice skates! Now you can talk to speedy the penguin to get started.

speedy the penguin adopt me! winter update

After talking to him you’ll see a course to follow, and along the way you can collect gingerbread!

Watch out for the penguins as they knock you over, and make sure to stay on the lake, if you fall off you have to start over!

race course adopt me! winter update

If you make it all the way through the course, he rewards you with 300 gingerbread, and you can also collect all of the gingerbread you picked up along the way.

If you collect every single gingerbread on the lake, you can collect 640 gingerbread in total!

New Pets

There are a total of 8 new pets in this update! The Snow Leopard, the Husky, the Puffin, the Walrus, the Summer Walrus, the Golden Walrus, the Ice Golem, and the Advent Calendar Puppy!

new pets adopt me! winter update
  • Snow Leopard – 15,000 Gingerbread
  • Husky – 50,000 Gingerbread
  • Puffin – 120,000 Gingerbread

The Walrus Box costs 15,000 gingerbread, and once you buy one you’ll have a chance of getting one of 3 walrus.

walrus box adopt me! winter update

The regular Walrus with a 70% chance, the Summer Walrus with a 26% chance, and a Golden Walrus with a 4% chance!

There is also a new premium winter pet this year called the Ice Golem! This premium pet costs 1000 robux in total.

premium pet ice golem adopt me! winter update

Wrapping Up

This is everything you need to know about Adopt Me!’s new Winter Update! Have you played yet? What pets is your favorite?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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