Clean Among Us Memes – Top 10 Funniest

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Top 10 Clean Among Us Memes

You still can’t go a day these days without hearing or seeing something about the hit game Among Us.

The game is still super popular and one of the most streamed games daily on Twitch. New updates are expected over the next few months and the player base is loving it.

The game can get a little raunchy sometimes, especially when other players can say unfavorable things in the public chat.

Thankfully we’ve put together this list of top 10 clean Among Us memes for you to enjoy!

Among Us > School

Not sure about you, but all of that virtual schoolwork this year is killing me. It’s so tempting to just fall asleep. Or play Among Us of course.

among us school meme clean

School Photographers Be Like

If you’ve ever had your pictures taken at school, you have lived through this meme. Hopefully the photographer didn’t snap your neck.

among us memes clean school photographer

Do It for the Culture

This guy definitely didn’t think his name through before he jumped in a lobby. His sacrifice for the sake of the culture is much appreciated.

imposter was an impostor among us meme

My Time Has Come

We all know that feeling. The hours of endless tasks until you finally land that ever elusive impostor spawn.

Too bad you got voted out 5 minutes later.

among us memes clean impostor

To Host or Not to Host

If you ever host a lobby in Among Us just know that you will drown in the sea of starts if you don’t begin the game the second it’s full. You have been warned …

clean among us memes

Smile And Wave Boys

Nobody can help you, crewmate. Good luck and may the odds be forever in your favor.

among us memes clean funny

Two Impostors We Must Have

We must follow the wisdom of Master Yoda. The law states we must always have two impostors in every game of Among Us.

yoda funny among us meme

Forever Hold Your Peace

If you’ve been playing Among Us for a while you know by now to never open your mouth at the wrong time. You’ll end up like this poor lad.

clean among us memes funny

Spotting Sus Drivers Nationwide

Among Us has crossed the barrier into every day life. I have nothing to say about this except that I need to buy one of these car stickers ASAP!

your driving is kinda sus among us car sticker

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