Collect All Pets Starter Guide: All You Need To Know!

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Roblox has decided to bring the virtual pet simulator trend back in style with the release of Collect All Pets, a clicking/simulator game that is currently sitting at about 3.5 million visits and counting.

If that piques your interest and you want to jump right into the game, then this is the guide for you to start your journey!

What is Collect All Pets?

Collect All Pets is, as stated above, a simulator game where the player character can have a large collection of fantasy animals to keep as pets.

The game was released to the public just over a week ago and has garnered a following of nearly 9000 active players as of right now.

The secondary objectives include finding and hatching eggs to collect more pets, fusing them to get a higher rarity of pets, completing quests and acquiring upgrades to unlock new badges and areas respectively.

Soon as you start the game, you are given a Common Egg to hatch a pet, and your journey has begun!

How To Get More Pets In Collect All Pets

get more pets collect all pets

There are multiple ways to get new pets, here are some of them listed below –

1. Simply playing the game. Similar to other items such as currency, new pets can be hatched by collecting and opening eggs that randomly drop in the game world. 

2. Completing challenges such as breaking crystals scattered around the map will net you progress towards getting a new egg which you can then hatch.

3. The game has kiosk type structures that can be accessed for specific purposes with the exchange of coins. One of these kiosks gives you the option to purchase more eggs.

How To Get More Coins In Collect All Pets

get more coins collect all pets

Now that we have established the need for coins to purchase essential items in the game, let’s talk about the different ways you can get more coins.

  1. Once you start playing, you will find coins scattered all around the map which you can pick up and collect.
  2. The game has a coin generator function along with a multiplier that generates coins every second that you play the game and complete any activity. 
  3. As with any other Roblox game, Collect All Pets has limited use codes that increase the multiplier to generate more coins, along with other benefits.

How To Fuse Pets In Collect All Pets

fuse pets collect all pets

Another neat gameplay feature of the game is the ability to fuse your pets and create completely new and different animals to add to your ever-growing collection.

To fuse your pets and create another unique being, you will have to find 5 animals, go to the fuse screen and fill 5 slots with them. 

Wrapping Up

Collect All Pets is one of the best new clickers/simulators to hit the Roblox scene, and the initial assumptions of copying the formula of established competition like Pet Sim X and Adopt Me are not true at all.

Be sure to let us know if this guide helped you, and keep reading for more Collect All Pets guides!

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