Crouch Behind a Barrier Location: Fortnite Delta-One Challenge

crouch behind a barrier fortnite

This week Fortnite dropped a set of brand new challenges to acquire some Gears of War memorabilia in honor of the classic title. Read the short guide below to quickly locate the barrier for the challenge.

These GoW inspired Delta-One challenges are only available from December 9th to December 17th, so make sure you complete them right away. You never know if you’ll have another chance to pickup the limited Crimson Omen spray.

Crouch Behind a Barrier Location

This is a fairly easy challenge that can be accomplished quickly if you drop right into the location. Due to the number of players attempting this task, you may run into some resistance if you choose to run on foot.

There are actually five of these barriers placed throughout the map. We found it easiest to drop into Greasy Grove to get the job done without hassle.

Here are the other locations if you’d like to try there instead:

  • Outside of the gas station at Coney Crossroads
  • Out front of the main warehouses near the wood piles at Logjam Lumberyard
  • In the parking lot with the van at Condo Canyon
  • Behind the Nums building next to the dumpster at Sleepy Sound

Drop into Greasy Grove & locate a vehicle repair shop / garage with blue & red coloring along the roof. Out front you will see a concrete barrier with the famous Crimson Omen logo painted on it.

Crouch & slowly walk around the entire barrier until you see the challenge pop up on your screen. It may take a few seconds for the game to alert you, so just keep crouching around until you see the challenge complete.

crouch behind a barrier location fortnite delta one

Other Challenges

This is only one of five challenges that you need to complete in order to unlock the limited Crimson Omen spray. Make sure you check out our guides for the other challenges below.

  • Collect Three COG Tags
  • Damage Opponent with Melee Attack
  • Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent
  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this short guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about these limited time Delta-One Fortnite challenges!

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