Cyberpunk Skippy Smart Pistol: Where To Find It?

cyberpunk skippy 2077 smart pistol

There are many unique weapons and abilities in Cyberpunk 2077, but none may be as unique as the iconic smart pistol Skippy.

What makes Skippy special is that it’s a gun that contains artificial intelligence that speaks when you hold it represented by a smiling hologram bullet.

How To Get Skippy

Skippy is identified on the map as a question mark like any side mission.

The location is in the Vista Del Rey sub-district in the Heywood District. You can find Skippy in an open suitcase next to a corpse.

cyberpunk skippy smart pistol

Once you pick Skippy up he will introduce himself to you and give you some dialog options to explore.

Which Mode To Select

Eventually you will be given the option to choose between Stone Cold Killer mode or Puppy Loving Pacifist mode.

In Stone Code Killer mode Skippy will always shoot enemies in the head, while in Puppy Loving Pacifist mode Skippy will only shoot enemies in the legs.

However, after getting 50 kills with Skippy he will switch to the opposite mode of what you chose initially.

So if you want to stay in Stone Cold Killer mode you will initially choose Puppy Loving Pacifist mode and get 50 kills.

If you choose Puppy Loving Pacifist mode he will ask you why you chose that mode. If you reply “killing is wrong” then Skippy will stay in Pacifist mode forever regardless if you get the 50 kills.

Machine Gun Side Quest

After a few in-game days with Skippy he will tell you who his original owner is. As it turns out his owner is Regina Jones the NCPD fixer that the player will most likely be familiar with.

If your bring Skippy to Regina you have the option to give it back to her for some cash, or walk away and keep the weapon for yourself.

cyberpunk skippy smart pistol

If your Skippy is stuck in Puppy Loving Pacifist mode it might be best to give him back, while if you have Stone Cold Killer mode it might be worth holding on to him since he’s a good weapon.

Do you have Skippy or any other interesting iconic weapons you’ve been running? Let us know in the comments below!

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