Daughters of Lerion Glitch – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

daughters of lerion glitch

Daughters of Lerion Glitch / Bug

Having trouble starting or going back to the “Daughters of Lerion” mystery / side quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

You’re not the only one, and the community is growing more annoyed every day. These problems have been reported on all platforms (Xbox, PC, PS5).

Hundreds of players over the last few days have taken to the internet to find a solution to this bug.

Ubisoft support staff responded to just a single thread out of the many posted in the forums. They have supposedly forwarded the issues to the dev team.

Unfortunately there is no fix yet and Ubisoft hasn’t given any updates since November 16th.

Here is a breakdown of the problems players have reported with the Daughters of Lerion series of quests.

Reported Daughters of Lerion Glitches

daughters of lerion goneril cordelia

Leaving & Returning Later

Some players were too low of a level to beat the sisters on their first go. They decided to leave and come back later when they were a higher level.

When they returned with the proper gear / level to complete the quest, they were unable to start the fights again.

The option to interact with their corpses and begin the fight disappears.

The problem persists all around the board, with players reporting problems interacting with the bodies of Cordelia & Goneril.

Just Dying a Few Times

A handful of players are also reporting similar issues after dying a few times in combat. These players aren’t leaving or returning a while later.

Simply dying a few times, even without doing other tasks in between, looks like it has a potential to brick the game / quest.

Restarting the Game or Save Doesn’t Work

The obvious things to try like restarting your console or reloading an old save aren’t doing anything to resolve this glitch.

A player on the Ubisoft forums reported that he has been experiencing this issue since launch day and hasn’t played since.

This is all of the information we have so far. We will update when a patch is announced or released.

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