Days Gone 2 Petition Passes 100k+ Signatures

days gone 2 petition

On April 11th, 2021 Days Gone director Jeff Ross spoke out in a YouTube livestream about some details and the potential future of a Days Gone sequel, Days Gone 2.

Has it been cancelled? Will we see a Days Gone 2? Let’s dive into the details and breakdown whats going on.

100k Signatures – Days Gone 2 Shows Support

Just last week a petition on for the revitalization of a Days Gone sequel, Days Gone 2 crossed 100k signatures from supporting fans.

The community outcry was sparked by news back in April that Sony would not step up to support the development of Days Gone 2.

While the news hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, director Jeff Ross is not allowed to speak on the official news as he is bound by an NDA.

The rumor is that Sony rejected his pitch for Days Gone 2, and the title will most likely come to an end.

You can show your support for the title by adding your signature to the petition here.

Why Did Days Gone Fail?

While the player base was strong and initial sales were favorable, Days Gone ultimately received many negative critical reviews from reputable venues.

Bend, the development studio behind Days Gone is also significantly smaller than any other studio that Sony has trusted with a AAA title in the past.

Bend’s last console game was on PS2, I think we should cut them some slack.

Would you expect a studio of this size to hit the mark perfectly on such a huge game?

Another reason for its seemingly lackluster appeal is that it was “just another open world zombie game” that we’re all use to.

There was fatigue in the zombie space and it just didn’t hit as hard as it needed to.

Will There Be a Days Gone 2?

As of writing this article, the future looks pretty bleak for a sequel.

With rumors floating about of Sony rejecting the pitch and morale falling, we may just have to bury this title in a sea of mixed reception.

Even 100k+ supporting players may not be strong enough to bring this title back from the afterlife.

What do you think? Would you love to see a Days Gone 2?

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