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Demonfall has skill trees that you can level up for both slayers & demons. Each new skill in your demon skill tree costs points & provides different bonuses & effects.

Demonfall Demon Skill Tree Stats & Abilities

In Demonfall Demons have 3 different skill trees that they can level up & unlock new abilities in. The 3 skills trees are body, art & sword.

The body tree is for your character, the breath tree is for your breathing skills & the sword tree is for your weapon skills.

Take a look at the full table of all slayer skills trees & abilities below.

Demon Body Skill Tree

The skills in this skill tree effect your character & his abilities such as health, endurance & double jump.

Skill NamePoints to UnlockAbility
Demon Body1Let’s you unlock more abilities
Endurance I1+15 Stamina (115)
Endurance II3+15 Stamina (130)
Endurance III4+20 Stamina (150)
Endurance III4+50 Stamina (200)
Hard Skin I1+20 Health (120)
Hard Skin II3+20 Health (140)
Hard Skin III4+20 Health (160)
Steel Skin4+40 Health (200)
Double Jump1Gives you the ability to jump twice
Rush1Press C to rush the enemy when at close range
Dash Mastery2Dash farther using less stamina (8), gives I-frames on dash, changes dash animation
Feather Fall2Reduce fall damage by a large amount
Shoulder Bash1Click while Blocking to do a Shoulder Bash
Body Absorption4Heals 100 health after executing an enemy
Limitless Regeneration7Regenerate health at a greater speed, but you can’t move. (Active Ability, Consumes 100 Stamina, Requires Hard Skin III and Endurance III)

Demon Sword Skill Tree

The sword skill tree is limited for players who choose to be Demons.

There are only a hand full of skills available to you as the only sword skills Demons have access to is the greatsword & soryu.

The table below breaks down the skills you can access if you choose Soryu.

Soryu SkillsPoints to UnlockAbility
Melee Mastery1Let’s you unlock soryu abilities
Bell Crusher3Counter attack that stuns your opponent & allows you to hit a free combo
Rush Kick3Rush your opponent with a kick (requires rush to use)

The table below breaks down the skills you can access if you choose greatsword.

Greatsword SkillsPoints to UnlockAbility
Greatsword Mastery2Let’s you unlock greatsword abilities
Dante Leap4Swing forward 4 times in a combo (direction is hard to control)

Dante Leap is usually hard to use & misses its hits pretty often. The best way to use Dante Leap is to combine it with string art.

This is because string art allows you to pull your opponent in close. Combining this with Dante Leap can make for some great combos.

Demon Art Skill Tree

The demon art skill tree has different skills to or forms to unlock based on which demon art you chose.

Each style of art has different moves / abilities to unlock in the skill tree, so you will need to view each tree separately to see the moves.

Wrapping Up

Thats all of the information you need to know about ranking up & leveling your body & sword skill trees as a Demon in Demonfall.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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