Demonfall Update Log – 2.0 Patch Notes

demonfall roblox updated patch notes

Demonfall is a new popular Demon Slayer based game that you can play on Roblox. The game receives updates often which we will post here. See the current patch notes below.

Demonfall Update Log – 2.0 Patch Notes

Latest Demonfall Patch Notes by Developer Arrox on the Demonfall Discord.

  • Prestige system for late game skills, exp buffs and many other things
  • Sun and Moon Breathing
  • Hybrid race
  • Slayer Mark
  • STW to demons (But a diff way to obtain it)
  • World event boss (Will require high level players in the server to spawn)
  • Cosmetics: More slayer clothes at the slayer corps base
  • Tomioka Haori and Mask Gamepass
  • Tanjiro Mask Gamepass
  • More hairs to the hair DLC

Previous Patch Notes

Demonfall 1.5 Patch Notes – 8/04/21
  • Ice and Arrow BDA added
  • Nerfed Insect barrage move damage in 50%
  • Nerfed soryuu M1 stun
  • Ranked now tp’s back to matchmaking server
  • Patched inf M1 exploit
  • Fixed fake hybrid bug
  • Fixed tping to ranked bug
  • Mobile now can drop yen
  • Mobile now can 2v2 invite
  • Mobile jump on combat fixed
  • Fixed u getting tped to ranked on some quests
  • Code TWITTER1 back
  • Nerfed demon’s max health to 200 (Was 210 with all stuff)
  • Demon’s regeneration drain hunger bar faster now
Demonfall 1.45 Patch Notes – 7/29/21
  • Fixes:2V2 Ranked
  • Ranked points reset (YOU WILL GET A REWARD BASED ON YOUR PREVIOUS RANK! I will announce the rewards soon), and a new matchmaking system (You won’t face a hashira being a mizunoto anymore)
  • Fixing almost all exploits (Like no stun, god mode, zenitsu farm …)
  • Shinobu Haori
  • Balancing:Increased insect cooldowns in 35%
  • Reduced poison damage on insect in 15% (Very small nerf)
  • Insect basic attacks stun reduced, also it’s not possible to infinite combo anymore in any way
  • Mist judgment cut damage reduced
  • Made harder for judgment cut combo extend (Still possible with skill)
  • Nerfed greatsword M1 Damage, and increased M2 damage since it’s a hard to hit
  • 1.45 CODES:
    • ! 150KLIKES
    • ! TWITTER1

Demonfall 1.4 Patch Notes – 7/21/21


  • – Carry button to mobile
  • – Gourd can now be controlled on mobile
  • – Rice spirit and Flowing dance no longer get stuck on the ground
  • – Mobile now will be able to drop yens
  • – Fixing more exploits


  • Nerfing shotgun damage in 30%
  • Mist judgment cut stun reduced, so it will be harder to use as a combo extender and also increased cooldown (Damage still the same)
  • Shadow drain and Shadow dismiss cooldown increased
  • Shadow black hole is casted faster
  • Base health increased in 10
  • Rice spirit now does knockback on the last hit, but does more damage and can be cast faster
  • Thunder swarm damage reduced (3 –> 2.5)
  • Shadow consume stamina drain reduced (40–> 30)
  • Shadow dismiss cooldown increased ( 30 –> 35)
  • Mist judgment cut knockback increased, and nerfed stun
  • Nerfed soryuu basic attack (6 –> 5)
  • String thread cage damage reduced (30 –> 25)
  • Dark thor range increased
  • Black hole is now cast faster
  • Explosive flurry damage per hit slighty reduced (1 –> .8)
  • Shotgun slight damage nerf
  • Air type can’t combo extend anymore (Don’t damage at melee range)


  • New haoris
  • Insect breathing
  • New history quests for both races
  • 2V2 Ranked beta! (Closed beta for testers RN)
  • More combat, peaceful theme (Demonfall exclusive music made by _Albert
Demonfall 1.35 Patch Notes – 7/16/21
  • FIXES:
    • Fixed mobile not being able to use potions and pickaxe
    • Fixed mobile gui bugging on death
    • Mobile not being able to craft nichirins fixed
    • Mobile gourd fixed
    • Server cap increase
    • Fixed dark thunder dash on mobile
    • Fixed double breathings (And wiping who bug-abused)
    • Nerfed mist shift flow slash damage (8 per hit — > 5 per hit), cool down (35 — > 40)
    • Nerfed mist Tokito ult damage (30 — > 20)
    • Nerfed mist eight-layered mist (1.6 per hit — > 1.2 per hit)
    • Breath indict and Muzan blood droppable again (But !100klikes code expires)
    • Nerfed water eleventh form starter damage (20 — > 17) AND Counter damage (the damage it does every time someone try to attack in 11th eleventh form range 20 –> 15)
    • Buffed dark thunder dash distance and cool down
  • NEW:
    • New dash mastery passive (Dif animation, much faster dash at the cost of less stamina)
    • Reset CombatStyle potion
Demonfall 1.3 Patch Notes – 7/13/21
  • Mobile support
  • Duel gamemode REVAMP
  • Expiring wipepotion and resetpoints codes
  • Dash mastery rework — POSTPONED TO 1.4 Cause i actually got a better idea to it
  • Judgment Cut damage and speed HIGH buff (+40%) but no longer give Iframes
  • New codes
  • Low Graphics Toggle at settings — POSTPONED TO 1.4
  • Reset Combat Style potion — POSTPONED TO 1.4
  • Fixed axe demon perma-stun (But axe demon now gives EXP !)
  • Buffed green demon
  • Zenitsu and Green demon doesn’t go trough iframes anymore
  • Buffed Zenitsu health (325 -> 340)
  • Nerfed Zenitsu experience (350 –> 300)
  • Buffed green demon experience (220 –> 250)
Demonfall 1.2 Patch Notes – 7/12/21
  • NEW Added shadow blood demon art!
  • Fixed item not dropping in combat
  • Wipe potion can now be drop
  • Fixed some enemies glitching on specific situations
  • Fixed carrying and tping bug
  • Improved anti-exploit
  • Less security kick
  • Level cap increase to 50
  • Nerfed trinket mountain
  • Buffed breathing speed on high gourd level
  • Fixed some boss
  • Buffed shotgun damage
  • More time to reaction (block) on string push
  • String claw damage nerfed (25 — > 20)
  • Skills should bug less on Iframes
  • Nerfed zenitsu damage and health (Green demon is fine btw)
  • Buffed wind lotus tempest cooldown, wind sixth form cooldown and damage
  • Himejima health buff (20 –> 30)
  • Haganezuka passive: Don’t need money to forge items, 5x Ore sell price
  • Soryuu rush kick should not longer combo extend (Decreased stun timer)
Demonfall 1.1 Patch Notes – 7/12/21
  • Fixed remove event kick
  • Fixed tomioka 11th form
  • Fixed flame tiger
  • Fixed and buffed agatsuma sleepy mode (You can’t be gripped while using it)
  • Demons no longer spawn in tavern after reset
  • Changed some mechanics on breathing (Needed for specific reasons)
  • Quest markers no longer stay
  • Rescue slayer quest fixed
  • Fixed some of the squad creation bugs
  • Reduced the amount of money and exp lose on death, and in combat logging (25% each for combat log and execute)
  • Fixed string pull on iframe skills
  • String pull now pushes the nearest person
  • Fixed muzan blood product
  • Added 2 codes:
    • !code RESETPOINTS (Let you redistribute your skill points, if you have a family skill you just need to rejoin after the command) second command:
    • !code WIPEPOTION (Give’s you a wipe potion case you wan’t to a brand new start)

[IMPORTANT INFO: If you have everything setup but didn’t have the family skill, just rejoin]

These are all of the most current patch notes in Demonfall on Roblox. Check back often for updates.

Make sure you join the official Demonfall Discord server so you don’t miss any important information or game changes!

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of updates that are yet to come for Demonfall. This game is super popular & is just getting started.

We hope you found these patch notes helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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