Players Report High RAM Usage and Crashes

Diablo 4 beta has been highly anticipated by franchise fans, offering an immersive and impressive gameplay experience.

However, the beta release has caused frustration for many players who are experiencing a memory leak issue. This issue causes excessive RAM usage, even on 64GB of RAM systems, leading to game crashes and errors.

Players attempting to troubleshoot the issue have found that lowering texture quality can sometimes help reduce RAM usage.

However, many players continue to experience the problem and are frustrated by the need for a permanent solution. Additionally, some players have reported experiencing stuttering and VRAM issues, which may be related to the memory leak problem.

Memory Leak Issue Identified

After analyzing the reports of players experiencing the issue, the problem has been identified as a memory leak. Memory leaks occur when a program fails to allocate and deallocate memory resources, causing the system to become unstable over time. Once the RAM is full, programs crash or become unresponsive, leading to a frustrating user experience.

The severity of the issue varies amongst players, with some players able to continue playing with minor annoyances while others are unable to play the game at all.

Players Call for a Fix to be Implemented

As the issue has gained more attention, players are calling for a fix to be implemented as soon as possible. For example, Reddit user KumbiyaGOD_ stated, “This needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s unacceptable to release a beta with such a critical issue.”

Other players expressed concern about the lack of testing before the beta release. The memory leak issue has gone undetected during the testing process, leading to many players experiencing frustrations.


The memory leak issue with the Diablo 4 beta has caused frustration for many players, who are experiencing game crashes and high RAM usage. While lowering texture quality may reduce RAM usage for some players, others continue to experience issues.

The issue has been identified as a memory leak, and players are calling for a fix to be implemented soon. Additionally, concerns are being raised about the need for testing before the beta release.

Players can only hope that the developers at Blizzard will address this issue soon, so they can enjoy the game as intended.