As you probably already know, enchants/enchantments are books in Pet Simulator 99 that can boost your pets or tapping powers in various ways when equipped.

As of the date this guide was written, you can equip a maximum of 8 enchants at once.

The first five slots are free and can be unlocked by leveling up. The three additional slots each cost Robux to open but allow you to be even more OP.

However, there have been tons of debates on Discord discussing whether or not enchants stack when using multiple of the same ones, and we have the answer!

Do Enchants Stack in Pet Simulator 99?

The short answer is yes, Enchants stack in Pet Simulator 99, but it is still not 100% clear how the stacking effects work and which enchants do & don’t stack.

We know that the common Enchants under Exotic rarity are stackable, and there is an increased benefit when using multiple of them together.

For example, Strong Pets V increases the strength of your pets by 75% but does stacking two of them give a 150% bonus or something less?

We know that using two of them together will make your pets stronger than using just one alone, but not by how much it increases with each additional one equipped.

You can also stack the Exotic enchants like Fortune & Midas Touch, which can be an OP combo.

midas touch and fortune enchants stack pet sim 99

Stacking two or more Fortune enchants gives you a crazy coins & diamonds boost but is an expensive strategy if you aren’t loaded with gems.

As for enchants that give you tapping powers, it is still not 100% confirmed if they stack.

Tap Power seems to stack and will strengthen your taps with each book added, but we aren’t sure if enchants like Lightning or Blast stack & give you both powers at once.

So yes, enchants stack and can create some pretty OP boosts, but we don’t know how the percents are affected when stacking the same ones or which ones can’t be stacked.