Trading is an essential part of the Roblox ecosystem and exists in most of the top-played games on the platform. However, not all game developers feel the same about trading systems.

So, how do the Blade Ball developers feel about trading, and how does it affect the economy?

Does Blade Ball Have a Trading System?

At this time, Blade Ball does not have a trading system, meaning you can’t freely transfer swords, game passes, items, or anything to other players or your alt accounts.

This may shock newer players who want to pick up cooler-looking swords without spending a ton of Robux on wheel spins, paid skins, and crate openings.

So what gives? Why doesn’t one of the most popular games ever launched on Roblox have a trading system?

The answer comes from one of the developers, who stated early in the game’s release that they would never add a trading system due to economic concerns.

Trading adds a layer of complexity to managing an active game that constantly has new items added and removed from it.

It is challenging to ensure that Blade Ball has new content and a healthy update cycle to keep players interested if the economy constantly needs attention.

Why Doesn’t Blade Ball Have Trading?

Here are all of the main reasons why Blade Ball will most likely never add a trading system.

blade ball developer confirms that trading will not be added

  • Item Duping – Duping is a massive problem with trading in many large Roblox games. One dupe exposed on YouTube could ruin the entire economy.
  • Decreased Income – Forcing players to buy crates and spins generates $ for the developers. Allowing players to trade with each other reduces the amount of crates and spins sold.
  • Increased Development Time – Monitoring the economy removes precious developer hours for more critical content updates and features.

So, while you may be disappointed that you can’t get any sword that you want from other players, it makes sense for them to do this so that they can create the best experience possible for everyone (and themselves).

Remember that you can gift items that cost Robux to other players if you want to hook up your friend or vice versa.