Doodle World Crossroads Update

doodle world crossroads update

Doodle World has a new update, and it has sent long term fans of the Pokemon-style adventure into a frenzy. The recently released update brings with it a new route and much, much more along with it.

Taking over Roblox by storm since its release in 2020, Doodle World has given many fans an option to relive their favourite childhood pet-collecting memories and hence has shot up to the top of the Roblox charts. So let’s take a look at the new area, all of the new items, Doodles and the new route rare!

What Is In the Crossroads Update?

The new update gives you access to a new route, called the Crossroads. You’ll find it to the right of the Doodle Center in Graphite Lodge. Along with the route come three new Doodles; Glimmew, Pebblett and Springling. Four, technically, if we are counting Borbek

Our first Doodle is Glimmew, a Light-type Doodle with the trait Nitelite, which makes it resistant against Dark-type attacks. The second is Borbek, an Air-type carrying the trait Hawkeye, making it resistant to an opposing Doodle’s Evasion boost.

Third, we have Pebblett, an Earth-type Doodle, which comes with the trait Rugged, meaning it has the potential to deal some damage if the oncoming attack is a contact move.

Finally, there is Springling, a Plant-type Doodle coming with the trait Vitality, which increases its speed once its health goes down to half. 

Moving on, there are three new pieces of Equipment bundled with the update, which can be found after completing encounters with the new Doodles. 

Pebblett comes with the Sad Peblett Equipment piece, which increases attack and defense but decreases magic attack and magic defense. Springling, in turn, has the Head Leaf, which increases its speed.

Finally, Glimmew comes with the Equipment piece called the Crystal Shard, which ups magical defense and speed.

Finally, there are two new chests you can find. The first one will be in the Crossroads, in a secret passageway that opens past a vine. The chest will give you a Wake Up Jelly.

For the second one, you have to go up a ramp, climb some rocks on the left, and carry on across some ledges to get to it. The second chest will contain 10 Striped Capsules. 

What Is the Route Rare?

Our route rare this time is Glimmew, with a 1/100 encounter chance. It is a tough Doodle to get a hold of, and even tougher to beat. 

To get Glimmew, you will just have to travel through the Crossroads area, and keep on doing that until you get the 1/100 chance to fight one!

Wrapping Up

This has been everything you should know about the newest Doodle World update! Have you played yet? What do you think of the new route?

We hope you found this guide helpful! Please drop a comment below if you have any other questions about the new Doodle World Crossroads Update.

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