Doodle World Discord Server – How to Join the Community

doodle world discord server link

With the rising popularity of Doodle World across the Roblox faithful, the community for the game is now growing stronger than ever. 

With multiple official and unofficial spaces to engage with the broad audience that the adventure game has attained, there have also been a few Discord servers that have popped up to guide, help, and trade with new players.

Where to find the Doodle World Discord

So, how do you join these servers, and what can you expect from the community once you do? Let’s find out.

How many servers are there?

Discord is a place of myriad servers, but finding a community for a specific purpose is as easy as going to the search bar and typing in the name of the game whose community you want to join or terms related to the same.

As for Doodle World, the two options you have are joining either the official server created and moderated by ‘wish_z,’ the developer of the game, “wish_z’s games,” or the official server for the Doodle World Market

These are great options to find new people to play with, hear about news, events, social gatherings, watch sessions, trade, and much more. 

Which server is the official server? 

The server is known as “wish_z’s games” and is the official server for Doodle World, made by the developer. 

Is the official Discord server worth joining?

If you are a fan of the game, a frequent player, or just someone wondering whether Doodle World is worth your time, hanging around on the Discord server to find out what people are saying will be the fastest way to figure that out.

People on the server hosting watch sessions, play together, discuss the game, and chat about news and events related to Doodle World.

The official server’s community is amicable, approachable, and knowledgeable, and there are established roles, rules, and regulations for every member on the server. 

There are dedicated channels for announcements, updates for the game, PVP advice and discussions, queries, concept art from players and fans, a wiki for the uninitiated, suggestions, bug reports, and more. 

Voice channels on the servers are always active, and our experience hanging around with the community was very positive. Players and moderators are always willing to help you deal with trade scammers and other malicious entities. 

On the other hand, the Doodle World Market server is similar but is a little more dedicated to trades and transactions.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this article about Doodle World’s official servers helpful, and if we come across more communities about the little game that is taking Roblox by storm, we will let you know!

Please drop a comment below if you have any news or suggestions about all things Doodle World!

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