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among us drinking game

Among Us Drinking Games

Trying to get lit with your friends over a night of Among Us drinking games?

We got you 💯

Among Us has been super popular this year and has spawned tons of creative ideas over the last few months.

From pumpkin carvings to custom cakes, and now some pretty dope drinking games.

If you’re into drinking games and enjoy playing Among Us, we have a bunch of community inspired drinking games you can play with your crewmates!

among us drinking game

Easy – Game By u/dootdootdoot222

  • Take 1 drink every time someone asks “where” during a meeting
  • Take 1 drink whenever someone says “cap”, “sus” or “it’s not me”
  • Take 1 drink when O2 get’s sabotaged
  • Take 1 drink when you find a body in electrical
  • Take 3 drinks when an impostor is caught
  • Take 1 drink if someone in the lobby is named CoochieMan
  • Chug the rest of your drink if your team loses

Medium – Game By u/yupyupmeow

  • Take 2 drinks if you die in round 1
  • Take 1 drink if you are killed in a stack kill
  • Waterfall until someone reports your body
  • Take 3 drinks if you are caught in an air vent
  • Finish your drink if you are caught killing a cremate
  • Take 1 drink if a meeting is called while you’re doing a task
  • Take 1 drink I you are the last to vote
  • Take 2 drinks if you’re voted off as the impostor
  • Take 3 drinks if each time you vote off a crewmate
  • Take 3 drinks if your team loses

Hard – Game By ModernZulu on Steam

Impostor Drinking Rules:

  • Take 1 drink if lights, reactor or communications are sabotaged
  • Take 1 drink if you use a vent
  • Take 1 drink if you lock a door
  • Chug your drink if you get voted out
  • Chug your drink if you betray another impostor

Crewmate Drinking Rules:

  • Take 1 drink if you die
  • Take 2 drinks if you die to someone you trusted
  • Take 1 drink if someone watches your medical scan
  • Take 1 drink if you vote for someone
  • Take 1 drink if you call an emergency meeting
  • Take 1 drink if you look at cams, door logs, or vitals monitor
  • Everyone chugs their drink if the wrong person is voted out

Ghost Drinking Rules

  • Take 1 drink if you don’t have your tasks done at the end of the game
  • Chug your drink if you say anything about the game

Extra Rules

  • Drinks can be used to bet on people being guilty, “I bet it’s X and i’ll take Y drinks if I’m wrong”
  • First person to die gets to ban a word at the next meeting for the rest of that game. Anyone who says it has to take 1 drink.


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