Duping Pets: How to Dupe Pets in Pet Simulator X

how to dupe pets in pet simulator x

With the recent huge Bank update dupe glitch, many players are wondering if it’s possible to dupe pets in Pet Simulator & how to do it for their own pets. In this article we’ll go over everything you should know about duping pets in Pet Sim X.

How to Dupe Pets

Just like with duping gems, duping pets is another type of glitch that allows players to duplicate any pet they want & get an unfair advantage in the game.

Duping pets is not easy & is usually not possible to do. Duping is only possible when there has been a large exploit by hackers or when bugs accidentally make it into the game during updates.

Usually dupes & glitches are patched very quickly by Preston & the dev team at Big Games, but even with fast action the damage to the economy is always something that’s harder to deal with.

The most recent pet duping method required players to log into multiple accounts & have each account withdraw the same items from the bank at the same time.

how to dupe pets in pet simulator x

It’s patched now, but once again the damage to the economy is already done. Some people have duplicated super valuable pets which makes them worth less.

Should You Dupe Pets?

No you shouldn’t. If you enjoy Pet Sim X & want to see the gave thrive, don’t participate in duping. This will make the economy weak & in turn make the game fail if it’s impossible to control.

It’s also not fair to people who have spent a lot of real money in game & other people get those pets for free. It may seem fun for a while, but overall it will ruin the game for the community.

If you have duped pets, you should get rid of them. There is always a chance that you might be banned if they can ever figure out who has done it or owns duped pets.

Wrapping Up

We’ve done all we can to keep you update on the state of pet duping in Pet Sim X. Have fun & don’t get banned!

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about duping in Pet Sim X.

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