Eris Loris: Among Us Hacker

eris loris among us

Among Us Has Been Compromised by a Hacker

Among Us has become one of the most popular multiplayer games of the year. If you have been having trouble playing Among Us within the last 24 hours, you are not alone. 

InnerSloth studios has been working around the clock to try and stop a spam attack from an unknown alias. 

This alias is promoting an unknown handle “Eris Loris”. 

This attack escalated very quickly and InnerSloth had to take the servers down late last night to perform emergency maintenance.

eris loris among us hacker

The spam attack started Thursday when players started noticing their chat logs being filled up with messages from Eris Loris.

The messages Eris Loris has been spamming have been promoting a discord channel, promoting “Vote Trump 2020,” and taunting players that he is back in their chats. 

Some messages even threatened to hack players personal devices if players didn’t subscribe to the Eris Loris YouTube channel. 

What is the Hackers Motive?

So, what is the point of all of this spamming?

The most obvious reason for the messages is to promote the Eris Loris YouTube channel. The channel has videos about hacks and other game cheating services and products.

This highly coordinated attack has affected 1.5 million games so far.  Within these 1.5 million games, the spam attacks have affected close to 5 million players of Among Us. 

This is a devastating attack for a developer like InnerSloth and they are working tirelessly to fix the issue. 

A recent tweet from the developer last night stated that they were aware of the hacking issue and they were looking into it. 

Are the Developers Handling the Issue?

They stated that they were planning to roll out an emergency server update to prevent people from getting kicked out of games. 

Here is their most recent update on Twitter.

The developer rolled out an emergency server update, but it didn’t roll out as successfully as planned. 

According to InnerSloth developer Forest Willard, the emergency server update began rolling out in the middle of the night.

This affected in-progress games and resulted in potential false positives. 

The update also kicked players from games for doing nothing wrong. 

This issue may or may not still be a problem and there has been no clear response from InnerSloth on when they are planning future maintenance to address it.  

How to Stay Safe from Hackers

among us hacked

The most recent tweet from the developer advises players to only play private games or with people that you trust. 

They go on to say they are doing what they can, but the tweet offers no further details as to when this issue will be resolved. 

Hacking like this is becoming more and more common in the video game world. 

Hacking has especially been a problem in Among Us with many players using mods or hacks to give themselves an advantage in the game. 

This attack goes far beyond previous hacks and mods though. 

This spam attack is taking over the entire game and leaving players hostage. 

Many players are begging to just have a game without being bombarded with Eris Loris messages, but time will tell how long it will be before that is a reality.  

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