Nextbot games in Roblox are popular nowadays; one of the best out there is Evade.

The only goal in these games is to survive, but you may be surprised to know that this is not as easy as it seems.

Beginner and veteran players encounter several problems in games like Evade Roblox or Nico’s Nextbots.

In this article, we look at some general tips & tricks to guide players in Evade Roblox.

This should cover some of the best strategies for you to win more games and survive the longest against the murderous bots.

Evade Roblox Tips & Tricks to Win

Let us first cover the basic mechanics of the game.

Each section will discuss a specific game feature you should be familiar with before starting the game.

Afterward, we look at the best ways to use these features to your advantage.

Weapons: Guns

roblox evade how to get guns & weapons

Unlike other Nextbot games, Evade lets you have a weapon to defend yourself.

Every three rounds, a particular round or “mode” will happen in the game. Two of these modes can give players guns: Randomizer and Imposter.

In Randomizer, you will be given a flashlight and another item. The other can be an AK47 or a Pistol, but it is not guaranteed.

Additionally, you cannot use any of the two to kill anyone.

In Imposter, one player in the game will be immune to Nextbots and be given an AK47 to kill other players.

Roblox YouTuber JMT perfectly explains these two game modes in his video.

Movement: Run, Sprint, and Jump

roblox evade run sprint jump movement

Moving in the game is simple; press W to run forward and Spacebar to Jump.

However, there are ways to run faster and jump like a professional player.

Roblox Player jfan’s video guide recommends three techniques combining running and Jumping to move faster: Wallrunning, Bunny Hopping, and Tap Strafing.

Wallrun by running beside a wall while holding the strafe button toward it.

Bunny Hop by running, jumping, letting go of W mid-air, strafe left or right, and jumping again to repeat the process.

Tap strafe by just tapping the strafe buttons alternately while running.

Survive: Revive and Carry Players

how to carry & revive players in roblox evade

While it is not apparent, teamwork is needed to survive longer in Evade.

When a player gets attacked by a Nextbot, that player will be in a downed state.

While the victim is down, they can be carried and revived by another surviving player.

Just walk near the victim, then hold E to revive or press Q to carry.

The general rule with these mechanics for ChromaRBX is to keep reviving allies and carry them to safety if there is a camping Nextbot.

You can watch his guides in his video.

General Tips and Tricks to win in Evade Roblox

Here are five more tips and tricks you should follow to play better in Evade:

  1. Listen carefully by setting the game volume correctly.

  2. Jump over obstacles like fences to confuse Nextbots.

  3. Whistle repeatedly and crawl to safety when downed.

  4. Know the map. Explore and gain information on the game.

  5. Open or bash doors to give yourself more escape routes.

The techniques and strategies in this article should equip you enough against the Evade Nextbots.

However, if you want more help, check out veteran Evade Roblox players’ content like LTKrazy’s Evade video guide or fatalitygem’s Evade tutorial video.