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Pet Simulator X has always been known for its active community of players and has gained a lot of popularity and support thanks to its developers.

One of the best examples of this continued love and support is the introduction and inclusion of Exclusive pets. Exclusive pets have always been extremely rare to find and near impossible to get, but with the Exclusive Egg now being part of the game, things could change drastically.

What is the Exclusive Egg? 

Introduced recently to the Pet Sim X community, the Exclusive Egg is an in-game item that you can buy for 800 Robux (also available in a set of 3 which costs 2400 Robux), which when opened, significantly boosts your chances of getting an Exclusive pet. Sound simple enough? Well, it’s anything but that. 

How Do You Hatch an Exclusive Egg?

To hatch an Exclusive Egg, you need to head over to the Exclusive Shop in-game, and purchase one first. After you spend the 800 Robux and get your egg, it automatically hatches to get you an Exclusive pet.

Historic & Current Exclusive Pets

After its conception, the Exclusive Egg has cycled several pets over a lot of mainline updates to the game.

During the Glitch Update, we saw the introduction of the Keyboard Cat, Nature Dragon, Huge Empyrean Dragon and Huge Forest Wyvern pets. Out of these, the Wyvern had the lowest probability of hatching with 2%. 

In the Axolotl Update, there were 4 more; the Orca, Gargoyle Dragon, Fairy Queen and Huge Gargoyle Dragon, in order of descending probability of hatching.

Afterwards, the Mastery Update brought the Rave Crab, Ice Cream Cone, Lucky Cat and Huge Lucky Cat pets. 

Finally, the current pets that the Exclusive Egg hatch are the Koala, Pony, Storm Agony, Huge Storm Agony and Huge Pony, with the probability going as dismally low as 0.5% for the Huge Pony. 

Are Paid Exclusive Eggs Bad For the game?

Throwing off the balance of an economy to introduce a ‘gambling’ and random aspect to a game has never proven to be a good idea, and the introduction of Exclusive Eggs can be best described as controversial.

Many players are lamenting the extremely low chances of getting the cool stuff in the game, while many others are complaining about the ‘pay-to-win’ structure that has followed along with the Exclusive Egg.

Wrapping Up

This has been everything you’ll need to know about the Exclusive Pets Egg and the new exclusive pets! Have you spent the robux to buy an Exclusive Pets Egg? What is your opinion on how expensive it is?

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment down below!

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