Fake Hatcher Script Pet Sim X – Is It Legit?

fake hatcher script pet sim x

Have you noticed your favorite YouTuber or Streamer hatching rare pet after rare pet? Well, not everything may be as it seems. The is currently a piece of software floating around called ‘Fake Hatcher Script’ which can make it seem as if people are hatching pets that they really aren’t.

What Is The Fake Hatcher Script?

fake hatcher script pet sim x

A fake hatcher script is a separate piece of software to Pet Sim X. 

With the fake hatcher script, a person can make it seem as if they are hatching incredibly rare pets inside of the game. In fact, it will pop up on their screen much in the same way that it normally would when you hatch a pet in the game. 

The fake hatcher script is often used by YouTubers, streamers, etc. in order to trick people into thinking they have hatched several rare pets. It is great for gaining views on their channels, apparently.

Can Fake Hatcher Scripts Really Hatch Rare Pets?

The fake hatcher script will not actually hatch any pets in the game. This means that while a person will receive a pop-up saying that they have hatched a certain pet, it won’t actually be added to their account. 

Should You Use The Fake Hatcher Script?


While the fake hatcher script doesn’t actually give you any benefit in the game, it is seen as an exploit.

If you are caught using exploits such as the fake hatcher script, then you could be running the risk of being banned from the Pet Sim X server in Roblox! This goes for any script you can get for Pet Sim X.

In addition to this, some of these exploits are not always quite what they seem. If you download the wrong script, then you could be putting your computer at risk.

Wrapping Up

Fake hatcher scripts aren’t real so don’t believe everything you see on YouTube or the internet! Make sure you stay safe when thinking of downloading any kind of hacking / exploit software.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about using these scripts!

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