Fallout: Miami – Everything You Need to Know

Adventure awaits in the Vacation Wasteland, Fallout 4’s version of a post-nuclear Miami Beach.

What is Fallout: Miami?

Fallout: Miami is an upcoming mod for Fallout 4 on PC.

The mod takes place in a newly realized version of Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic Miami.

Fallout: Miami looks to be one of the largest mods for Fallout 4 to date. This will include an entirely new map covering, roughly, from South Pointe Pier to Fontainebleau Hotel for players to explore. This new map will also feature and entirely new narrative for players to experience.

Alongside a robust new narrative and map to explore, the reveal trailer (see above) includes new voice acting, new enemy types, and plenty of new, detailed areas to keep players busy as they explore the Vacation Wasteland.

Taking it one step further, Fallout: Miami will also feature a whole host of side quest and multiple factions to join while players make their way through the Vacation Wasteland.

The team behind Fallout: Miami is taking great strides to make sure their mod fits Fallout’s lore, while also giving player’s a believable experience of what the world’s version of Miami would look like.

You can track the mod’s development through their YouTube channel here. This includes some really in-depth looks at the art, the thought behind their design choices, and much more.

Who is Creating It?

This extensive mod is being created by huge team of over 100 dedicated developers. This is clearly a passion project from a large number of dedicated Fallout fans ranging from writers, artist, programmers, level designers, and more.

Current State of the Mod?

At the moment, Fallout: Miami’s team is working on further developing the areas lore, characters, and quest lines.

fallout miami fallout 4 mod release date
Fallout: Miami – Fallout 4 Mod

Despite how crazy things have been this year, the team is still highly focused on developing Fallout: Miami, and brining it to players as soon as it’s ready.

As cited in their latest update video, Fallout: Miami’s dev team has wrapped up preproduction on their main quest line, and have begun working on quest implementation and writing.

When Will It Come Out?

Currently, Fallout: Miami has no official set date for release. As this is a collaborative project based on many team members volunteering their free time, it’s hard for them to set a release date for fans.

That said, they do mention on their site that they have an internal soft deadline that they hope to reach. That said, there is currently no plan to announce a release date publicly.

For everything else Fallout related, keeps your eyes locked here, and for a more extensive dive into Fallout: Miami’s info, check out their official site here.

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