Flak Jacket OP? – Cold War Nerf Incoming

black ops cold war flak jacket op

Is Flak Jacket in Cold War OP?

While Flak Jacket has been a perk many times before, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s version may be the most powerful yet.

Each created class comes with 3 Perks to select.

While perk slots 2 and 3 have a good selection to choose from, there is one clear cut perk that reigns supreme in slot 1.

Tactical Mask and Engineer are both helpful, but not as broken as Flak Jacket.

This Perk’s purpose is to take less damage from explosives, molotovs and Combat Bows flames.

black ops cold war flak jacket op
Credit: Treyarch

The explosives in Cold War are some of the most useful in Call of Duty’s history. With a wide variety to choose from, players are experimenting with which suits them best.

Throw distance on grenades and C4’s seem limitless, while the damage on them appears fatal to anyone caught by one. Anyone not using Flak Jacket, that is.

Why Flak Jacket Is OP and Needs A Nerf

Videos on YouTube and Reddit are surfacing showing just how busted the perk is. Players record themselves taking direct RPG blasts to the chest.

Surely enough to take the average person out, if you’re running Flak Jacket, you’ll walk out with a couple scratches.

Pairing that with Cold War’s health regeneration, it will take more than one explosion to take someone out. 

Lethal grenades aren’t the only weapons having trouble taking out players with Flak Jacket.

Cruise missiles, War Machines, Combat Bows and even Napalm Strikes aren’t enough to take out players using Flak Jacket.

While they’ll do a hefty chunk of damage, pairing the Stim Shot in the tactical slot will get you to safety just fine.

The Call of Duty community is one of the most vocal in all of gaming.

If there is something they feel needs to be brought to the developer’s attention, they will make enough noise for them to hear it.

Expect An Incoming Nerf for Flak Jacket

Reddit has become a huge tool that developers use to read into community feedback, good and bad.

While some of the community loves using this broken perk, others are frustrated by the opposition’s invincibility to explosives.

It has caused many to adopt the “can’t beat em’ join em’” mentality, leading to lobbies full of flak jacket. 

Developers have publicly stated that they hear the communities voices and are further looking into the issue.

call of duty black ops cold war flak jacket reddit treyarch

While the game has come with mixed reviews, fans appear satisfied with the gameplay aspect of Cold War.

While there are some flaws with the game, such as the Trophy System’s near infinite range and the lack of starter maps, Flak Jacket is at the top of the list when it comes to nerfs on the horizon.

With Cold War’s recent release of Nuketown 1984, fans and long time veterans of the series are excited for the fast paced gameplay and high kill streaks.

This map being so close quarters invites players to launch lethals across the map to try to get easy kills on unsuspecting enemies.

With Flak Jacket being so prominent in this year’s Call of Duty, there are a lot less grenades in the kill feed.

Does Black Ops: Cold War Have Potential?

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has potential to be the best call of duty’s to date.

A solid campaign, zombies return to form, and smooth multiplayer gameplay, things are looking up for this year’s installment of the franchise.

Until the impending nerf comes for multiplayer, your best bet is to equip Flak Jacket, and pray the opposition is foolish enough to run a different perk.

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