Floppy Playtime Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (Roblox)

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Floppy Playtime is an almost perfect Roblox remake of the popular thriller game Poppy Playtime. Having trouble completing the game? In this guide we’ll show you how to complete chapter one of Floppy Playtime.

Finding the First Key

When you first spawn into the game you will be in the main lobby area of the map. Find the door with a numbered keypad next to it.

To the left of the keypad is another door. Open this door and the one after it. In this office you will find the Gift Shop Key which is sitting on a desk on the left side of the room.

floppy playtime gift shop key roblox

Take this key & make your way back to the other side of the map where the Gift Shop is located. Look for the sign hanging above the hallways to find the Gift Shop.

Use the Gift Shop key to open the double doors at the very end of the hallway.

Opening the Vent

Once you are inside of the Gift Shop you will need to open the white vent that’s high on the wall. Pick up the Crowbar that’s laying on the right side of the room in the corner near the knocked-over shelving.

floppy playtime crowbar roblox

Climb up to the vent & break it open. Follow the vents until you fall through the roof into another room. Inside of this room you will see a whiteboard with a door code written on it.

Remember this door code. You will need to use it to open the main door with the keypad next to it.

Opening the Gate with the Blue Arm

Find the door with the keypad next to it & enter the code from the whiteboard. Walk straight ahead to the conveyor belt with some items piled on top of it & grab the “Blue Arm”.

floppy playtime blue arm

You can extend the Blue Arm by pressing “Q”. It will stretch really long distances. You can hit Q again to retract the arm.

Head back to the main lobby & make your way to the main gate. It’s located behind the mural of Poppy that says welcome.

Use the Blue Arm to press the blue hand sign button above the gate. After a few seconds it will open & you will be in a room with a giant Poppy statue.

Restoring the Power

On the left side of the room there is another gate marked with a blue hand logo. Use the arm here & the power will suddenly shutoff.

Go to the Poppy statue in the middle of the room & grab the “Power Room Key” from his left hand using your arm. Turn around & open the power room door directly behind you.

floppy playtime power room key roblox

Inside of the power room you will see a bunch of different colored pillars scattered around. Got to each corner of the room & connect your Blue Arm to the power source in the wall.

You need to connect all pillars of the same color together while your arm is still connected to the power source. Stretch the around the room & make sure they they don’t touch other colors at the same time.

You’ll know when every pillar is connected by the green lights that show up on the main power panel. Once they are all green use your Blue Arm on the power panel & the lights will turn back on.

Placing the Colored Batteries

Go back to the lobby where Poppy was & you’ll notice that he is now gone. Again use your Blue Arm on the gate that shut the power off & it will now open.

Follow the hallways until you see Poppy enter a room. Continue to follow him & you will end up in the storage room / warehouse.

Make your way around the warehouse & use your arm to pick up the different colored batteries that are scattered around. There are four batteries (Red, Green, Blue and Orange).

Go back up to the control panel & place the four batteries in the empty squares. An alarm will start going off & a package containing the “Red Arm” will come down on a conveyor belt.

place batteries floppy playtime

Pick the Red Arm up. You can extend this one by hitting “E”. Use both hands on the door with the “do not enter” sign & enter the hallways.

Second Power Puzzle

Follow the ramp down into another room where you will find a red & a blue pillar. There are two power ports per pillar.

First find the blue power ports on the wall & connect your Blue Arm to one of them. Wrap your arm around the blue pillar & then connect your Red Arm to the other blue power port.

Now do the same thing for the red pillar & red power ports using the other arm. Connect the Red Arm to the first red power port & the Blue Arm to the second one.

Another loud alarm will start playing & you will be taken away on the conveyor belts & dropped off into the Make a Friend room.

Moving Platforms Puzzle

On the back wall of the Make a Friend Room you will see some stairs / scaffolding that you can climb up. Climb to the top & make your way to yet another set of power pillars.

To get across the missing platforms you must use your arms to grab the colored handles & they will slide over into place. You will need to solve yet another power puzzle by linking the colored ports to the correct poles.

There are three pole colors to connect in this room (Blue, Red & Green). After they are all connected the power will turn on in the room. Make your way back down to the ground floor.

Outrunning Poppy

Go to the machines on the left side of the room & pull the yellow lever of all three machines. This will cause a package to come out of each one.

The packages will travel through the Make a Friend machine & after a minute or two a toy will come out of the end of the conveyor belt. Pick the toy up & place it next to the door where it says “Place Toy Here”.

The gate will open & Poppy will start chasing you. Turn around & run through the “Do Not Enter” door next to the Make a Friend machine.

Follow these tunnels while outrunning Poppy & complete the maze. There is only one route, so you may die a few times while attempting to find the correct path.

At the end of the path you will fall into a room with blue hand signs on the wall. Use one of them to close the steel door & seal yourself off from Poppy.

Follow this path down to the end & you will see a door. Enter the door & the chapter will end. Congrats! You just beat Floppy Playtime Chapter 1.

Wrapping Up

That’s every step you need to take in order to beat Floppy Playtime: Chapter 1 on Roblox. Now you can try speed running it & attempt to be your fastest time.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about beating Floppy Playtime!

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