Flying Papers Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

flying papers guide assassin's creed

Flying Papers – Easy Catching Guide

One of the new features in Assassins Creed Valhalla is the ability to customize the tattoos on Eivor.

One of the ways tattoos are unlocked is by chasing flying papers around in small parkour obstacle courses which frustrates many players.

Fans who played Black Flag will remember this system as they way they earned their sea shanties.

Fortunately we found some tips to help aid in capturing the tattoo pages for those completionists out there.

Unlike its counterpart in Black Flag in order to capture the page you can’t just run through the page to collect it you have to press your interact button.

This means you most likely wont be able to capture the page you’re chasing until it reaches its endpoint.

Using Your Raven to Catch Flying Papers

One tip we found, thanks to Youtuber Skull Busters, was activating the page and then following it with your raven and finding the endpoint and marking it on your map.

Then reactivating the page and running to the marker you set and then waiting for the page.

Video by YouTuber Skull Busters

Easy Blinding Rush Ability Cheese

Another easy way to obtain the papers is by using the Blinding Rush Ability which slows down time while moving.

The Blinding Rush Ability is found in the Northeastern part of East Anglia inside a tower.

From YouTuber WoW Quests

In order to get you’ll need to break the wooden floor of the tower and drop down. Then use the oil jars to break the wall and obtain the Book of Knowledge.

Using this ability to catch pages can be a bit tricky depending on the terrain where the page is as you can’t use this ability while on ropes parkouring.

You can also use this tip in conjunction with the first tip we mentioned in order to get to the paper’s endpoint faster.

These flying papers do count as artifacts for those looking to obtain the “Completionist All the Way!” trophy/achievement.

We hope this tips help make these elusive pages easier to get. Whether you’re going for the achievement or just want to get some tattoos for Eivor!

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