Epic Games’ Fortnite, known for its exciting collaborations, might soon introduce the Power Rangers as playable characters. This rumor comes amid Fortnite’s history of featuring iconic characters like Batman, Iron Man, Lara Croft, and, more recently, Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars.

The Power Rangers, a hit 90s series known as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, featured a team of six and enjoyed immense popularity, spanning 30 seasons.

Recently, the series has seen a revival on Netflix, which could be the perfect timing for Epic Games to plan this crossover.

The rumor was sparked by Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker from the Xbox Era podcast, a well-known leaker. He hinted that the original Power Rangers team might soon be playable in Fortnite, though no specific date was mentioned.

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This crossover raises questions about whether Tommy Oliver, the Green or White Ranger, will be included. This could be a touching tribute to the late actor Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver. Fans are curious to see which of his iconic suits will be featured.