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among us freeze tag

Among Us Freeze Tag Mode

Just this week popular YouTuber Socksfor1 posted a video of him and his gamer friends playing freeze tag in a modded game of Among Us.

As usual, the big YouTubers don’t ever share with us how to find or download the coolest mods, so we must figure it out for ourselves.

Luckily we did the research for you and have all of the information you need to know about playing freeze tag in Among Us!

How To Play Freeze Tag In Among Us

If you are not familar with the freeze tag mode yet. Here is the video by Socksfor1 on YouTube that we are talking about.

This looks like one of the most fun mods to come out of Among Us so far.

Sadly the freeze tag mod is not available to the public.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we haven’t been able to locate this mod yet. So far it is only a special mod made by Socksfor1 or one of his YouTuber friends.

We were hoping that this mod would be available on the custom game type server created by the team at, but unfortunately they have stated that this game mode is not possible for them to re-create.

How To Play Without Mods

Since we can’t play the actual freeze tag mod or game mode at this time, we have to make the best with what we can.

While you will have to use your imagination and everyone has to follow the rules, you can play your own version of freeze tag in Among Us without mods!

Here are the rules to playing freeze tag with your friends without downloading any mods.

  • Gather 10 players in a private lobby.
  • Change the settings to have only 1 impostor.
  • The impostor can’t kill the crewmates. Impostors freeze crewmates by running through or touching them.
  • The impostor can use vents.
  • Crewmates must put their phone down & stop moving until another crewmate touches them and unfreezes them.
  • Impostors win when they have 3 people frozen at a time.
  • Crewmates win if they can complete all of the tasks before 3 crewmates are frozen.

We hope you have fun with your imagination when playing this creative freeze tag game mode in Among Us!

Hopefully the developers will add custom game modes next year and we can easily play freeze tag and other custom game modes.

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