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how to find crystal chunks

Where to Mine Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Crystal is a rare resource used to forge the Prototype weapon series — some of the most powerful 4-star weapons in the game.

Crystal is also used to enhance your weapons to the highest level. You need four Crystal Chunks to forge one Mystic Enhancement, the enhancement material that gives 10,000 EXP to the weapon it’s applied to.

It takes a little more than 1,000,000 EXP to take a 3-star weapon to level 60, so be prepared to do a lot of Crystal Chunk farming if you want your characters to reach their maximum potential.

Crystal Chunks can be found out in the wild, but they’re on a 2-day respawn timer.

You can fill the hours between Crystal Chunk respawns by sending characters on Expeditions to certain locations that also reward you with Crystal Chunks.

But where in Teyvat can you find Crystal Chunks, and which Expeditions should you take?

Read on to learn about the best places and quickest methods for mining Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact.

List of Locations

Need Crystal Chunks quick? You’ll find dozens of them scattered about the continent of Teyvat. Here are all the best places to look:

In Stormterror Lair

genshin impact crystal chunks
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genshin impact crystal chunks

You can actually start gathering Crystal Chunks quite early on in Genshin Impact. One great farming spot for Crystal Chunks is in Stormterror Lair in the first region of your adventure.

There, you’ll find more than 20 Crystal Chunks. Head east a little bit and you can collect half a dozen more near Monstadt’s moat.

Near Quince Village

genshin impact crystal chunks
genshin impact crystal chunks

There’s a spot just south of Quingce Village where you’ll find five Crystal Chunks right next to one another.

Five Crystal Chunks isn’t much, but this is an important location to take note of since it’s located pretty close to a teleport node.

Accessing the Chunks is also straightforward and easy, so there’s no reason to skip this spot in your collection runs.

At Quingyun Peak

genshin impact crystal chunks
genshin impact crystal chunks

Quingyun Peak is hands-down the best place in Teyvat to find Crystal Chunks. You should be able to collect more than 30 Crystal Chunks in the area around Quingun Peak’s teleport node.

Explore the hills and valleys nearby to find a few more. In all, you should walk away from this location around 40 Chunks richer.

Mt. Aozang

mt aozang
mt aozang

Much like the farming spot south of Quingce Village, this location only has a handful of Crystal Chunks.

What makes this such a great place for collecting Crystal Chunks is because they’re right next to a teleport node.

This makes collecting the Chunks here quick and painless — no heavy climbing or careful gliding required.

Travel to Minlin and follow its river to the nearby mountain. There, you’ll find the opening to a small cave with Crystal Chunks inside.

The Expeditions That Give You Crystal Chunks

crystals genshin

Expeditions are unlocked at Adventure Rank 14 and allow you to send your unused characters off on missions.

They’ll come back after a set period of time with material rewards in tow. How far they travel and how long they’re gone for both affect the quality of the rewards they bring home.

There are a total of 12 Expedition locations, and you get to choose how many hours an expedition lasts — from as short as 4 hours to as long as 20 hours.

However, only three locations reward you with Crystal Chunks, and you’ll need to send your characters off for at least 8 hours to obtain them.

You can reduce the duration of your expeditions by 25% by using Bennet or Fischl (in Mondstadt), or Chongyun or Keqing (in Liyue).

Dadaupa Gorge, Whispering Woods, Yaoguang Shoal

Duration of ExpeditionRewards
4 hours4-5 Iron Chunks2-3 White Iron Chunks
8 hours1-2 Crystal Chunks6-7 White Iron Chunks
12 hours2-3 Crystal Chunks6-7 White Iron Chunks
20 hours7-8 Crystal Chunks3-4 White Iron Chunks

Raid Co-Op Sessions

raid sessions

Reach Adventure Rank 16 and you’ll unlock Co-Op mode. Co-Op mode lets you transport to another player’s world where you can then go around grabbing Crystal Chunks.

Note that Crystal Chunks are tied to worlds and not players, so collecting Crystal Chunks in another player’s world will put them on cooldown there.

They’ll have to wait the full two days before the Chunks respawn.

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